You Make Me Feel Like An Unnatural Woman

Author: Judith Newman
Publisher: Miramax Books
ISBN: 9781401359638
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June 20, 2002 Here's something interesting I've learned: when people meet a
baby, they desperately want to say something. But let's face it, they don't have a
lot to go on. It's not as if they can turn to the baby and say, "Loved your
dissertation on the works of J. K. Rowling!" No, with a baby for fodder, you've got
the face, ... Babyhood is the last time in a person's life where it's socially
acceptable to comment on the girth of someone's thighs. Perhaps I've had more
than the usual number ...

The Mirror Of Literature Amusement And Instruction

Author: Thomas Byerly
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The stars disapF. gradually from the ball-room; the ar-keeper grew thin under the
thickening accounts for lemonades; the sat fellow in the black band, who “ vexed”
the bassoon, had blown himself from the girth of Falstaff to an “eagle's talon in the
... the middle of the back seat, sat a young woman with a gratis passenger in her
lap, (who, of course, did not count among the nine,) in the shape of a fat, and a
very hot child of three years of age, whom she called John, Jacky, Johnny, Jocket
, ...


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Sometimes she finds cinema seats a couple of inches short of accommodating
her comfortably, and I have seen her wrestling with seat belts in planes that
weren't designed with ladies of outsize girth in mind. "I use my hips like cats use
... "My name fits me perfectly," she will tell you, or : "I found out that was my name
and just sort of grew into it." Underneath the ... Like most only children whose
parents have died, she looks to friends for affection and understanding. This,
along with her ...

The New York Times Book Review

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At What * is the Waistline the anger line? Some scientific facts about stoutness
and age o T is a well-known fact that life insurance companies are very careful
about the risks they take on people of middle age who are seemingly beyond
their normal weight. It is not only the man with a noticeable “paunch,” at whom
they look askance. Even an excess girth at the waistline of only one or two inches
often serves as a red flag to the insurance doctor. Why? Because mortality
statistics prove, ...

The Literary Digest

Author: Edward Jewitt Wheeler
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and give the muscles a workout, he says. As for food, he suggests: AVOID
Carbohydrates — bread, candy, cakes, pudding, souffles, potatoes, macaroni,
noodles, spaghetti, lima beans, Boston beans, sugar in every form. Fats -idlly
portions of all meats, butter, cream, bananas, olives, mayonnaise, olive and
vegetable oils. Alcohol. EAT IN REASON l International .Pity the poor fat man —
and woman. It's no fun having to be fitted for wearing apparel by a tent and
awning company, or not ...


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The Magazine for the Smart Young Woman. t any given time, 20 million American
adults are dieting. ... Ifs been called the "yo-yo syndrome" and the "rhythm
method of girth control," but it's hardly comic. Even if you're not among those who
follow any of each year's crop of fad diets to their often health-endangering limits,
there's no fun in surrendering to a constant cycle of self-denial, temptation,
disappointment and . . . weight gain. I've been there. From my early teens to my
mid-twenties ...

Latina Magazine

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His older brother was the one who encouraged his interest in a then-new musical
genre called hip-hop, which he fellin love with when he was 7, break-dancing
and rapping. ... (Fat Joe also has a son, Ryan, 10, with another woman.) ... But
Fat Joe says the biggest blow came in 2001, when his sister, Lisa, died after
having a rare reaction to the epidural anesthesia she received during childbirth
that killed her baby and senther into an 18-month-long coma from which she
never woke up.

Starting From Happy

Author: Patricia Marx
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1439101280
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said the female expert on the other end of the technical support hotline. Imogene
prepared herself to state her mother's maiden name. “Are you on medication?”
the expert said. It was times like these that Imogene wished she had had children
, because surely by now one of them would be eleven and therefore old enough
to fix her computer. Patricia Marx saw eh tub ,pleh fo neeb evah ylbissop thgim
naeJ ed noR in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, at an antibedwetting con- vention.