You Make Me Feel Like An Unnatural Woman

Author: Judith Newman
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ISBN: 9781401359638
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June 20, 2002 Here's something interesting I've learned: when people meet a
baby, they desperately want to say something. But let's face it, they don't have a
lot ... Babyhood is the last time in a person's life where it's socially acceptable to
comment on the girth of someone's thighs. Perhaps I've had more than the usual
... Henry was named after my journalistic hero, H.L. Mencken, and kismet being
what it is, Henry ended up looking like him as a baby. This is how Mencken
described ...

Chambers S Edinburgh Journal

Author: William Chambers
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of thc parasite and the stock, after which the former lies entirely on the latter, the
fibres of the succour-like root of the parasite expanding on the wood of the
support 'in the form of a pate d'oie. ... a family group of children, whose merry
gambols are greatly enhanced by its presence — the chubby urchins, boys and
girls, jumping nlxmt and kissing each other with rosy lips and soft, dimpled arms
twined round each other's necks, one fair little girl dragging her fat baby brother
in her arms to ...


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Over a year since he and Beth came to live with them in the yellow farmhouse in
the valley, one month since the adoption was final, and they will not be taken
away again, ever, to live with another family as guests, half-children. ... His
teachers have called to say he can't pay attention in school, he can't sit still. ... On
the back of the page where his birth certificate was glued, there was an old
cracked and creamy photograph of a tall woman with wide cheekbones and hair
like a cloud.


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Even more popular and helpful for women who are on their feet so much.
WALKMASTER SHOES ... In fact, the sorrows of the stout include most of the
diseases of adult life with special emphasis on ailments affecting the heart, blood
vessels and kidneys. By the same token, overweights are more ... An abdominal
girth of two inches greater than chest measure at full expansion adds another 50
per cent to the already critical death figures for overweights. Tall overweights with
long trunks ...

The Literary World

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M. Radcliff—The Waker, from Karl Simrock—Hope Ever. chips from the lib RARY
–Cowley's Acme and Septiinius—Dryden's Ode to Maecenas—A Small Poet—
The Political Charlatan—A French Cook's Love Strategy. GA's PAR b ... Before
long rumors of the fatness of the land had reached the ears of the other members,
and out they trooped—men, women, children and negroes, horses and cattle,
until Joe began to imagine the population too dense for health and comfort. In
fact he ...

The New York Times Book Review

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Harcourt Brace & Company Children's Books HARCOURT BRACE IJglyJWas
Beautiful ... Bull-like in his manly girth, nonchalantly puffing on his pipe, wearing
that same crimson jump suit trimmed with ermine that fit him like ... A little
chronology, please: Born in 1911 in Cincinnati, to a family not much removed
from poverty, Leonard Slye — for such it was his misfortune to be called,
especially considering his hooded, slitty eyes '— grew up mostly in an Ohio
hamlet called Duck Run, ...

New York Magazine

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Not bad for a West Side kid who began dusting honeydews, married the boss's
daughter, and has now eased himself into the centrally air-conditioned splendor
of a home in Kings Point, white leisure suits, a pinkie ring the size of a Grade A
olive, and a sculpted brass buckle that bisects his considerable girth with the
proclamation "Julie." Just now, Julie Rose is preening, flushed with his victory. "
Sloan's is going to think more consumer," he bellows. "We're gonna get bigger
and bigger.


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The Magazine for the Smart Young Woman. t any given time, 20 million American
adults are dieting. ... Ifs been called the "yo-yo syndrome" and the "rhythm
method of girth control," but it's hardly comic. Even if you're not among those who
follow any of each year's crop of fad diets to their often health-endangering limits,
there's no fun in surrendering to a constant cycle of self-denial, temptation,
disappointment and . . . weight gain. I've been there. From my early teens to my
mid-twenties ...