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The reality is painful: If your child doesn't have the academic qualifications to get
into the university, or goes to another school or no school at all, you may get back
only your deposit, with no interest. (For more on versions of these plans, see "
What the States Are Doing to Help" on page 50 .) ... need will already be saved,
and you can shift it into income- oriented investments maturing in three to seven
years, medium-term bond funds, and high-grade bonds with short maturities. It
may be ...


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Ask The Prof Bv SAMUEL .MARK. Ph.D. Have a question about your, or your
child's, education? Prof. Samuel Mark can help. As director of Hispanic programs
at the University of Southern California, he can provide advice and answer your
... I'm only a freshman, so I'll turn 18 in the 11th grade. I've heard some students
say that once you're 18 years old, you're kicked out of high school. I don't want to
be a dropout. M.M., Houston, TX I think you need to stop listening to what other ...

Congressional Record

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Many among the current crop aren't going to make it, or they'll Spend six years in
high School, or they'll get a certificate of completion, which means they went to
School but never got a diploma. And that doesn't point to a bright future. Without
... Jeffrey is bright and conscientious, but he lost interest and got behind. She
offered to meet regularly with him before school. “You gave me a lot of
encouragement,” he told her. “You always checked up on me.” Jeffrey is doing a
lot better. But the ...

St Louis Commerce Magazine

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"I work with people who are typically planning multiple years in advance, either to
fund an account with a lump sum or with just a series of payments. "In most cases
, when you're going to invest, it's best to have a longer time frame to allow the
investment to work for you," he says. "However, it is possible to put together a
plan when the child is in the 7"1 or 8* grade." $2,000 a year for each child, and is
tax-free until you withdraw the money for your child's education. Another option,
the ...

The Saturday Evening Post

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If he doesn't start out with a course that will meet the requirements of the college
he wants to attend, he may have no chance to make up the deficit later.
Sometimes you will be told about these decisions and the part that testing plays
in them. Sometimes you won't. A lot depends on the policy of your particular
school system. You'll be hearing a lot more in the future, though. Scholastic-
aptitude tests — and their first cousins, vocational-ability tests — got a
tremendous boost just last year, ...


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August ist anders.

Ladies Home Journal

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to college. 1 want to be a {ofernan at Fisher, just like my dad." Billy, third grade,
doesn't work as hard at his studies as does Mike; he hasn't thought much about
the future, but is highly enthusiastic about his present school, partially because of
... we don't know where you are. But you did get home when you promised." Bob
commented, "That bugging-out business is dangerous, and it seems pretty silly
and childish to me. I just don't want my girl hurt." "Well, this is only the second
time ...

Part 1 General Issues In Elementary And Secondary Education

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Sundays he tries to grade all his school papers, prepare a week's worth of lesson
plans, catch up on sleep, and spend time with his wife and two children. ... Carl
spent five years at a midwestern college getting his master's degree in history
teaching. ... Carl says he's going to miss teaching—his colleagues say teaching
is going to miss Carl ow'd you like to be handed a homework assignment of
Romeo and Juliet with every other word so obscene it belonged on a bathroom
wall? And ...