Author: Dominik Bartmanski
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 0857856588
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So why is vinyl now experiencing a 'rebirth of its cool'? Dominik Bartmanski and Ian Woodward explore this question by combining a cultural sociological approach with insights from material culture studies.

Consuming Music In The Digital Age

Author: Raphaël Nowak
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137492562
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... Collopy (2009) Music Experience and Behaviour in Young People (Summer
2009, UK Music). D. Bahanovic and D. Collopy (2013) Music Experience and
Behaviour in Young People (Winter 2012–2013, UK Music). D. Bartmanski and I.
Woodward (2013) 'The Vinyl: The Analogue Medium in the Age of Digital
Reproduction', Journal of Consumer Culture, published online before print, 31
May 2013. D. Bartmanski and I. Woodward (2014) Vinyl: The Analogue Record in
the Digital Age ...

Vinyl A History Of The Analogue Record

Author: Richard Osborne
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317001818
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Moreover, the sheer availability of music in the digital age, coupled with the
compact disc's more rigid and less corruptible surface, has meant that the eternal
reproducibility of music has finally been achieved. The arrival of the digital ... In
response to the outpouring of affection for analogue's sound, later digital
remasters of vinyl-era recordings have aimed to get closer to the original
pressing, with a recent trend towards using increasing amounts of compression.
Moreover, when Sony ...

The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded

Author: Tara Brabazon
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1780631693
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This book summons a critical Web Studies, asking not only who is using particular applications, but also how and why. This remedial work is required.

Hi Fi News Record Review

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Referring to peak velocities, I suggested a potential noise-floor of — 80dB for
vinyl (conveniently confirmed by RB), and when LP grooves actually deliver this
there is no problem — even though CD then still has l6dB in hand. ... for his work
on the microgroove record, including this magazine's Audio Award, yet it was he
who ushered Decca into the digital age, knowing that this was the only certain
way to bypass the mechanical shortcomings with which he had grappled for a


Author: Richard Guthrie
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1446249999
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All publishing, whether a book, a music recording, television programme, film,
photo, magazine or newspaper, is unique in itself. Each road taken in ... As the
print book proceeds through a volatile age of analogue-digital media con-
vergence, it faces questions once asked of stone tablets, clay, wood boards, the
papyrus scroll and the vellum codex. Can it ... Twentieth-century methods and
trends in books, newspapers, vinyl records, celluloid films transformed culture
and lives. Digital ...

The Bulletin

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But to record the actual frequencies, textures, tones and harmonies of speech, we
use machines that are either dependent on continuous analogue techniques or
discontinuous digital. For instance, analogue sound recordings rely on the
continuous real-time motion of an Edison cylinder, a vinyl disk, or the passage of
a magnetic tape over recording heads. But while we have been well-served by
these techniques, they are part of the electro-mechanical age and have innate
quality and ...

Studio Sound

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As the end of the Age nears it is time to look into the mirror, and it tells a startling
tale. This is history as we have ... Or maybe electrical recording. 9 Alan Dower
Blumlein.the inventor of stereo. Hermann Grier, SPL X Georg Neumann:
Microphone inventions, vinyl cutting machines. Ray Dolby: getting rich in encoder
- decoder businesses Willi Studer: Best multitrack machines. 2 Bruce Swedien;
his work for ... Rupert Neve represents for me analogue audio quality. 2 Sir
George Martin, the ...

The Absolute Sound

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Still, even the XR-CD pales before the 180-gram LP in Analogue Productions'
box-set, Miles Davis Quintet: The Great Prestige Recordings [APJ-035], which
includes all five albums with a handsome booklet and facsimiles of the original
jackets and labels. The horns are more fully 3D. You get more of the ... In short,
nearly two decades into the digital age, and despite immense improvements in
the recording and playback of compact discs, vinyl rules. The evidence piles
higher yet with ...

High Fidelity News And Record Review

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... through the transition to vinyl and the microgroove, to the iniquities of the digital
age. 'It's digital so its perfect isn't it?' is one bete noir of Ray Staff, veteran of vinyl
cutting in the '70s through to modern compact disc mastering, and now at Sony's
Whitfield Street Studios. This is actually the attitude of a generally ignorant record
industry, and tales of the companies' corner- cutting to save a few hundred
pounds in, say, the use of analogue mastering of a digital recording that was
already ...