The Next Decade

Author: George Friedman
Publisher: Anchor
ISBN: 0307476391
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Makes predictions about the imminent challenges that will test America and the world of the near future, forecasting such events as an economic crisis in China and a transition from financial problems to labor shortages.

Author: Isaac Asimov
ISBN: 9789747375862
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The Center Of A Great Empire

Author: Stuart Dale Hobbs
Publisher: Ohio Univ Pr
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the Ohio country in the early American Republic Stuart Dale Hobbs Andrew
Robert Lee Cayton ... Ironically, it would be their own internal arguments as much
as the testing opposition of the Federalists that, over the next decade, would
invigorate political argument ... John Campbell Deem, untitled autobiography,
manuscript, Beeghly Library, The Changing Political World of Thomas
Worthington <~® 57.

The Ottoman Empire In World War I Prelude To War

Author: Stanford Jay Shaw
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in the world. Among these young officers were men who were to dominate
Ottoman military affairs during the next decade, right through World War I and the
Turkish War of National Liberation: Mustafa Kemal [Atatiirk], Ali Fuad ... Ismet [
Inonii], and many others who would lead the way in establishing the Turkish
Republic on the ruins of the Ottoman Empire. ... where they also joined other
officers to form the Ottoman Liberty Association, later changing its name to the
Society of Union and ...

The Mongolian People S Republic

Author: Elizabeth Milne
Publisher: Intl Monetary Fund
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By 1924, political autonomy from China was achieved and the People's Republic
founded, although the development of a ... and the next two decades witnessed a
strengthening of ties with the U.S.S.R. and increasing industrial and mining
activity, ... This paper reviews Mongolia's political and economic history,
highlighting its changing economic structure following World ... By the mid- 1300s
, however, the Mongol Empire had disintegrated and was followed by a sustained
period of ...

From The Revolution Through The Age Of Jackson Innocence And Empire In The Young Republic

Author: John R. Howe
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Beginning about 1775, however, the next decade and a half totally reversed this
trend as new men came flooding into the ... The modern conception of continuing
party structures was alien to the eighteenth century Anglo-American world. ... As
long as political alignments remained impermanent, forming and dissolving in
response to changing situations, the ... the "division of the republic into two great
parties ... is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.

A Changing Turkey

Author: Heinz Kramer
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 9780815791188
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... three-quarters of a century Kemalism has been the official ideology of the
Turkish Republic.1 But in the past decade, doubts have arisen that this ideology
is still capable of serving as the overall guide for the country in the next
millennium. ... according to nineteenth-century European standards in the
Anatolian heartland of the former Ottoman Empire. ... The history of Turkey's
democratic transition and consolidation after its turn to a multiparty
parliamentarian system following World ...

Union Nation Or Empire

Author: David C. Hendrickson
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the 1 860s, out of which "emerged in the next decade the new national states of
Italy and Germany, and the international system of the armed peace" (157-63).
See also Hermann Wellenreuther, ed., German and American Constitutional ...


Author: Edwin Taylor
Publisher: Prentice Hall
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Brazil's preeminent city: For the next 200 years, Rio was to be Brazil's preeminent
city. ... Rio became the capital of the Brazilian Empire, changing again in 1 889 to
capital of suddenly thrust into a world of courtly manners and elegance ... Over
the next decade, Rio acquired the trappings of European civilization to a greater
extent than any other New World capital of the period. Schools, parks,
newspapers, banks and a wide variety of imperial government organi- the
Republic of Brazil.

Global Strategic Assessment 2009

Author: Patrick M. Cronin
Publisher: Defense Department
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America's Security Role in a Changing World Patrick M. Cronin ... U.S. bilateral
alliances, especially in the case of Japan, the Republic of Korea, and Australia,
underpin regional security interests; maintaining alliances and transforming them
into effective ... Trade in energy resources, in turn, emboldened Moscow to assert
itself, especially on the periphery of the old Soviet empire. ... But cooperating with
Moscow in the next decade will be problematic, not least because of its