The Medium Is The Massage

Author: Marshall McLuhan
Publisher: Touchstone Books
ISBN: 9780671689971
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Millions of "global villagers" connected by the communications revolution Marshall McLuhan foresaw, have never read the most influential, prophetic, and entertaining book ever written on the subject--The Medium is the Massage (originally ...

Mcluhan In Space

Author: Richard Cavell
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9780802086587
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Peter Frank remarks of Verbi-Voco- Visual Explorations in his annotated
bibliography of SEP that it 'is less adventurous graphically than other McLuhan
books (notably The Medium is the Massage), but is one of the most fragmented,
discontinuous, "mosaical" texts purely in terms of content ... [T]he whole can be
viewed as an attempt to expand the scholarly medium' ( 1 9, emphasis added). In
1966, SEP reprinted Richard Huelsenbeck's 1920 Dada Almanach, thus spurring
a revival of ...

The Internet Biographies

Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 1851096590
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—McLuhan in The Medium Is the Massage, 1967 We now live in a global village .
. . particularly once his next book, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (
1964), was published. Understanding Media began where The Gutenberg
Galaxy left off. In it, McLuhan applied his understanding of the societal shifts
caused by the advent of print culture to the age of television. He developed the
notion of media temperature—whether a particular medium was “hot” or “cool.” “
Hot” media ...

Marshall Mcluhan

Author: Philip Marchand
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262631860
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The first, The Medium Is the Massage, was published in March 1967. This book
had in fact been composed by Jerome Agel, who had written a profile of
McLuhan in 1965, and Quentin Fiore, a first-class book designer. The two
selected or commissioned photographs to accompany excerpts they culled and
reshaped from various writings and statements of McLuhan's. McLuhan himself
contributed the punning title and approved the text and layouts. Agel and Fiore
evidently did their ...

Graphic Design Referenced

Author: Bryony Gomez Palacio
Publisher: Rockport Pub
ISBN: 1592537421
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Medium. Is. the. Massage. Canadian writer, scholar, critic, media theorist (and
myriad other nouns) Marshall McLuhan had a remarkable facility to construct
small bursts ofwords and sentences, often referred to as McLuhanisms, like “The
future of the book is the blurb,” or “Art is whatever you can get away with,” and in
1964, in the pages of Understanding Media: The Extensions ofMan, he coined
the expression “The medium is the message.” He posited that the medium
everything ...

Marshall Mcluhan Theoretical Elaborations

Author: Gary Genosko
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415321716
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The fact that The Medium Is the Massage appeared in black and white rather
than colour (whether because of publishing limitations or not) would seem to
have a number of interesting implications. Putting aside McLuhan's own
preference for Joyce and Klee and Picasso and his apparent feeling that the
world of colour is still more involving and tactile, the use of black and white
underlines the very sharp polarization in most of McLuhan's approach. With the
Massage, an increasing ...

Communication Mosaics An Introduction To The Field Of Communication

Author: Julia T. Wood
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305403584
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McLuhan, however, thought the medium by which content was disseminated
makes a difference. For example, he argued that watching television shapes how
we think, regardless of what we watch on television. “The medium is the message
” had other meanings for McLuhan. By changing only one letter, the statement
becomes“The medium is the massage.”This implies that media massage our
consciousness and transform our perceptions. Finally, McLuhan sometimes
made a play ...

The Future Of Post Human Mass Media

Author: Peter Baofu
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
ISBN: 1443804312
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McLuhan describes the term 'cool media' as emerging from jazz and popular
music and, in this context, is used to mean 'detached." (WK 2008f) The Massage
of the Medium Three years later, McLuhan (1967) followed up with another book,
this time with the title The Medium Is the Massage, with the word “massage” (not “
message”) to refer to the inventory of effects, that is, “the effect each medium has
on the human sensorium, taking inventory of the 'effects of numerous media in
terms ...

Beyond The Blogosphere

Author: Aaron J. Barlow
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
ISBN: 0313392870
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We can turn off the television and read a library's worth of books, but a hardcore
gamer will notice our lack of fluency in the gaming medium. When the book that
was to carry the title the Medium is the Message came back from the printer with
a typo and was mistakenly titled The Medium is the Massage, McLuhan was
delighted. By working us over, the medium did indeed give us a massage by
allowing one to feel better momentarily, but the media also contributed to a false
sense of ...