The European Union Presidency

Author: Leszek Jesień
Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 9783034312745
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This book deals with questions that concern the contemporary role and importance of the presidency in the European Union.

Leadership And Negotiation In The European Union

Author: Jonas Tallberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139458973
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The previous two chapters have explored the EU Presidency's capacity to shape
political outcomes as agenda manager and broker. This chapter turns to the third
and final of the Presidency's key functions – representing the member states in
negotiations with third parties. The EU Presidency negotiates on behalf of
member governments in two principal contexts. It functions as the Council's
representative in inter- institutional negotiations with other EU bodies. In
particular, it engages ...

The Coordination Of The European Union

Author: Andrew Jordan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019954848X
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It barely impinged upon the work of the sectors or (with the exception of the
Commission), the daily activities of the EU institutions. The third phase (c.1987–
96) was marked by the deeper institutionalization of the principle in EU law and
some pioneering attempts to translate it into daily procedures and practices (e.g.
the Commission 'green star' appraisal system—see Chapter 5). However ...
Therefore, the only real source of political leadership has had to come from the

A Companion To European Union Law And International Law

Author: Anna Södersten
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119037654
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The European Council (and its euro area counterpart – the Euro Summit) is the
top‐level politicalleader” of the European Union as such. It has seen its
executive powers consolidated and even expanded in processes of incremental
institutionalization, first, in layers of legal and institutional practices and, more
recently, in formal treaty provisions after the Lisbon Treaty. The introduction ... In
addition, further institutionalization at the supranational level helps that
concentration process.

New Governance And The European Employment Strategy

Author: Samantha Velluti
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136927786
Size: 43.57 MB
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... EC employment policy The European Council held in Laeken in December
2001 under the outgoing Belgian EU Presidency discussed a number of
employment-related topics, including progress towards the targets set by the
Lisbon Strategy. In this context, the Council emphasized the importance of the
Spring European Council, which is now held annually in Brussels in the month of
March. This IGC was intended to provide the political leadership and strategic
direction towards the ...

Encyclopedia Of Governance

Author: Mark Bevir
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1412905796
Size: 37.27 MB
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Interaction between states and citizens in the age of the Internet: “E-government”
in the United States, Britain, and the European Union. ... The Institutional Setting:
The Scope and Procedures of Electoral Democracy The impact of elections on
democratic governance depends on institutional arrangements that shape the
public's political behavior and the resulting political ... In all presidential and
some parliamentary systems, the head of the executive is elected directly or

People Who Run Europe

Author: Edward C. Page
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 0191583707
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FORMS OF POLITICAL CONTROL The notion of 'political control' over the EU
bureaucracy is not directly equivalent to the notion as it applies in member states.
Normally political control over the bureaucracy refers to the degree to which ...
The European Parliament's role in the budgetary process and the passage of
legislation is greater than that of many legislatures in member states (see
Westlake 1994). The fact that Parliament poses a substantial constraint on the
activities of the ...

Military Engagement

Author: Dennis C. Blair
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
ISBN: 0815724802
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African Union–European Union group project to monitor the 2004 Darfur cease-
fire. ... Simply having civilians replace active duty or recently retired soldiers in
high political positions like the presidency, dissolving special military governing
bodies, and limiting political involvement of the military elite, without addressing
deep underlying structural ... What is required is for the norms and principles of
civil-military relations to be firmly institutionalized by both the government and

World Development Report 1997

Publisher: World Bank Publications
ISBN: 9780195211146
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But sound institutional arrangements can determine whether the visions of
political leaders get translated into effective policy priorities. They can make ...
The rules and norms embedded in the policy- making process should be
designed to curb the kind of uncoordinated political pressures that can lead to
poor decisionmaking and bad outcomes. ... The European Union has adopted
this system for the European Court of Justice, allowing it to oversee decisions
made by EU institutions.

The Origins Of Mercosur

Author: G. Gardini
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230105548
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The Argentine and Brazilian governments could undertake temporary and
targeted suspensions of integration agreements that would not be possible in
more institutionalized cases, such as the European Union. Critics contend that
deepening institutionalization is indispensable to the success of integration
exercises, basing their assumption on the European case. While this is valid for
Europe, structural caveats make it problematic elsewhere. Mercosur leaders
have made a political ...