The European Union Presidency

Author: Leszek Jesień
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This book deals with questions that concern the contemporary role and importance of the presidency in the European Union.

Leadership And Negotiation In The European Union

Author: Jonas Tallberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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The previous two chapters have explored the EU Presidency's capacity to shape
political outcomes as agenda manager ... It functions as the Council's
representative in inter- institutional negotiations with other EU bodies. In
particular, it engages in legislative negotiations with representatives of the
European Parliament as part of the co-decision procedure, the dominant
legislative procedure in the EU.

The Coordination Of The European Union

Author: Andrew Jordan
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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It barely impinged upon the work of the sectors or (with the exception of the
Commission), the daily activities of the EU institutions. The third phase (c.1987–
96) was marked by the deeper institutionalization of the principle in EU law and
some pioneering attempts to translate it into daily procedures and practices ...
Therefore, the only real source of political leadership has had to come from the

A Companion To European Union Law And International Law

Author: Anna Södersten
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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The European Council (and its euro area counterpart – the Euro Summit) is the
top‐level politicalleader” of the European Union as such. ... In addition, further
institutionalization at the supranational level helps that concentration process. ...
meant that it has been able to increase greatly the frequency with which it meets,
over and above the normal twice a year dictated by the rotating Council

The State Of The European Union 6

Author: Tanja A. Börzel
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780199257409
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European Council.l The Nice Summit Presidency Conclusions of December 2000
called "for a deeper and wider debate ... all those reflecting public opinion,
namely political, economic and university circles, representatives of civil society,
etc.'. ... EU leaders decided to set up a Convention on the Future of Europe that
would deliberate for a year and present a ... Convention within the process of
constitutional reform in the EU with an emphasis on the institutional- ization of
treaty reform.

Food Fights Over Free Trade

Author: Christina L. Davis
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400841399
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TABLE 10.1 (continued) Hypothesis European Union Domestic politics French
Council Presidency reduces probability of major liberalization by 0.31. ... The
negotiation case studies examined the causal mechanism in the negotiation
process. ... An institutionalized issue linkage increased the mobilization by export
industries for agricultural liberalization and expanded ... by senior political
leaders to accept liberalization for the sake of Japan's trade interests and
international obligation.

Leadership In The Big Bangs Of European Integration

Author: D. Beach
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230599648
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3.2 Dutch preferences The Dutch Presidency is a long-standing proponent of the '
Community method'; relying on the European Commission as ... IGCs, explains
the Presidency's goal of a unified treaty structure during the Maastricht
negotiations on political union. Its preferences to institutionalize flexibility in the
Treaty and to integrate the Schengen Agreement into the first pillar of the Treaty
on European ...

The European Union

Author: Ingeborg Toemmel
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN: 113742754X
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Smismans, S. (2003) 'European Civil Society: Shaped by Discourses and
Institutional Interests', European Law Journal, 9(4): 473–95. Smith, M. E. (2001) '
Diplomacy by Decree: The Legalization of EU Foreign Policy, Journal of
Common Market Studies, ... Spence, D. (2006b) 'The Directorates General and
the Services: Structures, Functions and Procedures', in D. Spence ... Tallberg, J. (
2008) 'The Power of the Chair: Formal Leadership by the Council Presidency', in
D. Naurin and H.

European Union Politics

Author: Michelle Cini
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198708939
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The role of the rotating presidency The EU Council presidency is held by member
states for a six month period. ... the rotating presidency with the creation of '
permanent' leadership jobs (including the European Council President and
chairs for ... A newer innovation, since 2007, is the institutionalization of greater
coordination between presidencies into an 18-month ... Council of the European
Union (2007). and approved by the General Affairs Council (Article 2(6), Rules of