The Columbia Granger S Index To Poetry In Anthologies

Author: Tessa Kale
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 9780231139885
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This work covers such anthologies as "The Oxford Anthology of African American Poetry"; "The Oxford Book of American Poetry"; "The New Anthology of American Poetry", "The Columbia Anthology of Modern Korean Poetry"; and "The Columbia ...

Thematic Guide To American Poetry

Author: Allan Douglas Burns
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780313314629
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Uses approximately 250 poems by eighty-six poets to chronologically trace the development of such themes as art, beauty, civilization, family relations, freedom, and slavery in American poetry.

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Some publications are available on CD-ROM or online. Scope: Scholarly,
reference. professional, textbooks and other serious content books.
ComputerBased ProdsISvcs: COLUMBlA UNlVERSlTY PRESS offers these titles
on CD-ROM: l Ching; Contemporary Chinese Societies; and On Common
Ground. lt otters these titles online: Grangers World of Poetry; Gazetteer; and
Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing. lntended Market/Availability: Customers
include students, teachers, and ...

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The bonus was that, when I located the entire poem in an old collection, a middle
verse provided the answer to another question! Biennial updates, adding 40,000
poems are available by subscription. The Columbia Granger's World of Poetry is
based on: Granger's 8th edition, The Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry 9th
edition, The Columbia Granger's Dictionary of Poetry Quotations 1992, and the
Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies 1991. It comes with a printed list
of ...

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PRICE (1 disc) □ $39.95 □ No extra charge for LAN COLUMBIA GRANGER S
Granger s®. COVERAGE N/A UPDATED N/A DESCRIPTION Contains the full
text of 8500 classic poems, 3000 quotations from an additional 1500 famous
poems, and full anthology citations on a total of 100,000 poems. The information
is based on Granger's® "Index to Poetry, 8th edition (1986)," The Columbia
Granger's® Index to ...

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Author: William White
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The New Granger's® Tenth— Now with Last Line Indexing The Columbia
Granger's® Index to Poetry, Tenth Edition Edited by Edith P. Hazen Editorial
Consultants: Dana Gioia, William Katz, John Frederick Nims, James Shapiro, and
Mary Biggs ... Since 1904, Granger'?* has been the authoritative guide to locating
anthologized English-language poems. The Tenth Edition includes: • An index of
12,500 last lines • A subject index with over 3.400 categories • First line, title, and
author ...

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Great Poetry Classics offers another valuable feature, Autoscroll, which
continuously moves the text of a poem up the screen at the speed you choose (it
looks something like movie credits rolling). The drawback of this disk is ... These
works encompass the text of Granger's Index to Poetry, Eighth Addition; The
Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry, Ninth Edition; The Columbia Dictionary of
Poetry Quotations; and The Columbia Granger's Guide to Poetry Anthologies. In
all, the database ...