Clear Blue Sky

Author: F. P. Lione
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 0800718860
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He blew out a breath as the mate cut the line. We slowed down the chum line so
the sharks would go away. The tuna were moving in schools, making the rounds
on the chum lines of the other boats in the area. As they made their way back to
us we started helping the mate cut up the bait and kept the chum line heavy so
the tuna would stay around the boat. Joe bagged the first tuna. We heard the
zzzttt of his line going out, and he grabbed the pole and put it in his belt. He
yelled “Fish ...

Out On The Deep Blue

Author: Leslie Leyland Fields
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1466855037
Size: 68.48 MB
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Two loops of linehang down from theharpoonandswing withthe roll ofthe boat:
Onetiesthe shaft to the boat, theother runs fromthe dart, fitted on the endof the
shaft, back through a series of clips along the pulpit to a milk crate holding one
hundred fathoms of line. “Twelve o'clock,three boat lengths.” Bynow Brad has
visual contact,and he lines Bernard up on the fish. “One boat length.” Bernard
sees the fish. His whole body turns toward itas the harpoon comesupand he
letsfly.He drivesthe ...

Field Stream

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Only STREN* has "fluorescence" So Du Pont scientists, instead of dyeing nylon
monofilament as most line- makers do, added a fluorescent color system to the
line that is activated by the sun's ultra-violet rays. This causes it to glow brightly
above water in the sunlight, or even on a cloudy day. Why you see it, but fish don'
t. Virtually invisible underwater As the fish sees Clear/Blue STREN from below
water, against the bright water surface and sky background, just the reverse effect

From A Clear Blue Sky

Author: Timothy Knatchbull
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1407089269
Size: 59.38 MB
Format: PDF
View: 1840
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I knew that if I played the fish poorly, allowing the line to slacken or putting too
much strain on it, the fish would escape in a flash. I was weak. Try as i might, after
the first few minutes I was struge gling to keep the rod tip high enough. Dick
steadied me on one side and Tina on the other, and I leant back allowing my
trembling arm to keep the rod angle up against the pull of the salmon in the fast,
dark current. The fish was strong enough to keep its head down and stay deep
and we still ...

Night Waking

Author: Sarah Moss
Publisher: Granta Books
ISBN: 1847083757
Size: 39.84 MB
Format: PDF
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Is Clear Blue the clear blue line of a (male?) baby or the clear blue skies of
freedom? Is the worm promised by Early Bird a writhing infant or the security of a
long, free day ahead? The sales assistant began to watch me and I picked up an
unbranded box, hoping that economy and (Giles's) anticapitalist principles would
buy me peace. They didn't. I peed on the stick in the ladies' at the public library in
Bicester and watched two lines appear as swiftly as skin blistering after a burn.

Animal Painting And Anatomy

Author: W. Frank Calderon
Publisher: Courier Corporation
ISBN: 0486142450
Size: 19.85 MB
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Some of the cows are grouped against the hedge, which is in shadow, and one,
standing a little apart, is silhouetted in the gateway against the snow-covered
sloping field beyond. The foreground is a delicate golden colour, except where
the snow still hangs in the shadows of the larger tufts of long grass and rushes
with which it is covered, where it is of a beautiful tender blue, the clear blue sky
being reflected in them. All along in the shadow of the hedgerow is a clear line of
blue ...

Dragonflies And Damselflies Of South Africa

Author: Michael J. Samways
Publisher: Pensoft Publishers
ISBN: 9546423300
Size: 59.37 MB
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Labrum light blue with bold, black triangular base. Postclypeus black. Frons light
blue. Head above black with crescent-shaped light blue postocular spots. light
blue with black cap. above black, with round, blue spots on side, below light blue.
metallic black with fine light blue shoulder stripes. Side light blue. clear, very
rounded with many subsidiary veins around edges. black and very rounded, as
wide as long, and, in life, with fine, bright blue line on sides and hind margin.This
line ...

The Deep Blue Memory

Author: Monique Urza
Publisher: University of Nevada Press
ISBN: 9780874172126
Size: 13.73 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1961
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The wool of the lamb was soaked in blood, and the rancher too, his hands and
his forearms and his workshirt were drenched with it, still bright red, still wet.
When he reached the spot where we sat perched on the rails, he stood holding
the lamb, and then he looked up to us, squinting at the late-morning sun. "It's
what we call a bummer," he said. "If he survives the first two weeks, he'll live
through anything. Those that do are the toughest, their line'll be the toughest.
Toughest little ...

The Bright Blue Sky

Author: Max Hennessy
Publisher: House of Stratus
ISBN: 1842328794
Size: 76.55 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 1796
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Inevitably, the new push achieved nothing but casualties because, as usual, it
was allowed to go on far too long and the Germans brought up reserves so that
the line that ran all the way from Switzerland to the coast simply grew thicker and
stronger. A French push followed but the Frenchmen managed only six hundred
yards instead of the six miles which had been promised, and the casualties were
so terrible rumours began to drift northward that the French troops were

The Honour Of Savelli A Romance

Author: S. Levett Yeats
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
ISBN: 146552116X
Size: 41.69 MB
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Here the turf came to a sudden end, in a line such as the edge of a calm sea
makes in a bay, and then began a steep descent of gravel, and loose stones,
whose many colours of grey, ochre, and brown, were splashed here and there,
by masses of short thick shrubs, which gradually increased in denseness, until
they spread before us, a sea of sombre green, that stretched to the clear blue line
of the Greve. Here on the crest of the slope I drew bridle, thinking the horses had
enough of it ...