The Anatomist S Wife

Author: Anna Lee Huber
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101612320
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PUBLISHING HISTORY Berkley Prime Crime trade paperback edition /
November 2012 Library of Congress CataloginginPublication Data Huber, Anna
Lee. The anatomist's wife: a Lady Darby novel / Anna Lee Huber.—Berkley trade
paperback ed. p. cm. ISBN: 9781101612323 (alk. paper) 1. Widows—Fiction. 2.
Anatomists—Fiction. 3.

The Anatomist Or The Sham Doctor

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Dostor and his Wife enters 3–the Doéforfall over him. . - "Doc. Diable m'emporte!
vat strange ting vas dat run over me ? Bea. Why, Sir, as I was showing Mr doćtor
here the dead body that was fent from the gallows, he felt his pulfe; and laying his
hand on his breaft, he found his heart panted : then he took his incifion-knife, and,
before he could touch his naked skin, up ftarted the dead body, and ran away,
just as you faw. - Crif. All this is true, Sir, as I am a member of the learned faculty.

The Anatomist Or The Sham Doctor Etc In Three Acts Adapted From Edward Ravenscroft S Comedy

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How! Pills, Sir? That would ruin all we have &One. ' - Cri/I O, you mistake me, Sir;
I don't advise you, Sir, to give him Pills: I only mention'd, Sir, a Dose of Pills which
I had took myself this Morning, Sir, which have not yet done working, and force
me to leave you something abruptly, Sir. . 3 1,_. - ._ . i . Duct. Pray let me knoquur
Lodging e'er you go. I fnall be glad of the Honour of your Acquaintancc and-en- .-
. . Cr-f/I I am grip'd most damnably - . Emer Wife, Angelica, and Beatrice. - ._ Bca.

The Study Of Anatomy In Britain 1700 1900

Author: Fiona Hutton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131731932X
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aall. the parties concerned«, thereby demanding punishment for the receiving
anatomists.134. Popular. Attitudes. and. Responses. Apart from concerns over
the ... performed in 1696 and in the London repertoire regularly until the 1790s.
The farce concerns itself with young lovers, clever servants, mistaken identities
and an inept doctor attempting to dissect a living body that gets up and runs away
. The doctor«s wife says,. aI. have heard of such strange things: I warrant the poor
man ...

A Collection Of The Most Esteemed Farces And Entertainments Performed On The British Stage The Guardian By D Garrick The Apprentice By A Murphy The Anatomist By E Ravenscroft Florizel And Perdita Altered From Shakespeare High Life Below Stairs By D Garrick The Mock Doctor By H Fielding Taste By S Foote The Upholsterer By A Murphy Lethe By D Garrick The Knights By S Foote The Deuce Is In Him By G Coleman The Sultan The Chaplet By M Mendez Miss In Her Teens By D Garrick

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The anatomist, by E. Ravenscroft. Florizel and Perdita, altered from Shakespeare.
High life below stairs, by D. Garrick. The mock doctor, by H. Fielding. Taste, by S.
Foote. The upholsterer, by A. Murphy. Lethe, by D. Garrick. The knights, by S.
Foote. ... Wife. Hold there, good Mr. Gerald. Your ages. are most unsuitable.
Many young women have been ruin'd by such unequal matches;—Youth and
age cannot agree. - O Ger. But your husband, Madam, has giv'n me his. promise.
- Wife.

The Gentleman S Magazine

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Cov z N T GA R D z n Garrick and Lacy pa- * . . • * * ** . . " Ricb, master. Sept.
Plays. Farces. 16. BusyBody MackDoc 19 Relapfe 'Anatomist ao L. for Love
IyingVal - 2 i Mer.Venice K.Umm Provoked wife 2z Lond.Mer. Dito pay Ditto. - 23
pitto . Anatomist Ditto - - - 25 Beggar's | Miller of Ditto Damon & Phillid z 6 opera
Manfield Hamlet, - Devil to pay 27 Much a do Intr:Cha pitto Ditto Plays. Farces. 28
Ditto Ditto Prov. Husband Phebe 29 Lon. Mer. | Devil to Ditto Ditto 33 Ditto - | - (
pay Richard ...

Knox The Anatomist

Author: Isobel Rae
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His wife and Helen M'Dougal, he said, had both run into the passage when they
heard Mrs Docherty scream as Burke grasped her; they did not come back until
everything was over and the body covered with straw. Burke then went out to tell
Paterson that he had something to take to Surgeons' Square, and arrangements
were made for the delivery that evening of the tea-chest at Dr Knox's — with the
result that Burke and M'Dougal were arrested that night, and Hare and his wife on

The Lancet London

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Brenna—On the 9th inst., at Reading (while on a visit), Mary, the wife of M. J.
Wickham Barnes, sen., Surgeon, late of Bath. Cowaun.—0n the 13th inst., of crou
, at Turner's-road, Limehouse, Percy Christopher, the eldest child 0 Christopher T
. Coward, L.F.P. & S. Glas., aged 6 years and a half. .... Professor Agassiz has
already pointed out the varied and interesting nature of such an inquiry and has
encouraged in forcible language the anatomists of his ado ted country to
undertake it.

A Catalogue Of Hookham S Circulating Library

Author: Hookham's library
Size: 13.23 MB
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3* 8321 Wife's Release — Theodosius — 3s 8322 Titus Andronicus — Sir John
Oldcastle — 3s 8323 State of Innocence — Anatomist — Loves of Mars and
Venus 3s 8324 Woman's a Riddle — Rival Queens — 3s 8325 Hob in the Well—
What d'ye call it?— -Strollers 3s 8326 Comical Lovers — Lying Lovers. — — 3s
8327 Turnpike Gate — Naval Pillar — 5s 8328 Woman's Wit — Perjured
Husband — 3s 8329 Male Coquette — Desert Island . : — 4s 8330 Elvira —
Agamemnon — : •,ir- ...

Mortal Arts

Author: Anna Lee Huber
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 110162521X
Size: 70.61 MB
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Now Kiera must once again employ her knowledge of the macabre and join forces with Gage in order to prove the innocence of a beloved family friend—and save the marriage of another… From the Trade Paperback edition.