The Encyclopedia Of North American Indian Wars 1607 1890

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8,. 1725. British colonial soldier and captain of an independent military company
during Dummer's War (1722–1727). John Lovewell was born on ... Armsfor
Empire: A Military History ofthe British Colonies in North America, 1607–1763.
New York: ... Leaving the ill man, the company's doctor, and an 8-man guard,
Lovewell and his remaining men marched toward Pigwacket on the upper Saco

Readers Guide To Periodical Literature

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G. A. Sherwell. ii Bui Pan Am Union 53:227-41 S '21 Indians of North America
Aboriginal gopulation of California. ... Cent 99:800-1 Ap '20 See also Mounds
and mound builders: United States-Army-Indian troops; also Blackfoot Indians:
Chinook Indians; ... N. Curtis. Mus Q 6:175-8 Ap '20 Red man ceremonials; an
American lea for American esthetics. M'. Hartley. rt and Archaeol 9:7-14 Ja '20:
Same oond.

The Silva Of North America

Author: Charles Sprague Sargent
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A Description of the Trees which Grow Naturally in North America Exclusive of
Mexico Charles Sprague Sargent ... Gray, Bot. Wilkes Explor. Erped. 510. "
Rosenthal, Syn. Pl. Diaphor. 926— Baillon, Hist. Pl. vi. 840. 8 Gamble, Man ... the
discovery of that island by the Portuguese, and is now cultivated in many of the
islands of the East Indian Archipelago, in southern India, Ceylon, Mauritius, and
Bourbon, ...

The Image Of The Indian And The Black Man In American Art 1590 1900

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8 Kenneth C. Lindsay, The Worlds of 4. The Growing ... 133-134- •Isaac Weld, Jr.,
Travels through the States of North America, 2nd edition, London, 1799, II, p. ... 1
George Catlin, North American Indian Portfolio, London, 1844, Preface, pp. 3-4.

North American Indian Anthropology

Author: Raymond J. DeMallie
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8. Fur. Trade. as. Centrifuge: Familial. Dispersal. and. Offspring. Identity. in. Two.
Company. Contexts. JENNIFER S. H. BROWN The fur trader in northern North
America has a history of being treated as a social type. In Canadian popular
literature he is the hearty, singing voyageur; in the United States, the macho
explorer and mountain man. To anthropologists before the 1970s, he and his
records were ...

North American Indian Ecology

Author: Johnson Donald Hughes
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"Man and His Environment: The American Indian and the Natural World," in
Environmental Awareness for Indian Education, Curriculum Bulletin No. 8 (1970),
U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affairs. Wedel, Waldo R. "Some

The Gift Of The Face

Author: Shamoon Zamir
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Portraiture and Time in Edward S. Curtis's The North American Indian Shamoon
Zamir ... 178 Crow Eagle (Piegan man), 73 Crow Indian Lodge, 176 Crow of
Northern Plains: and crisis of temporality, 8–9; in The North American Indian, 18,
36, ...