Schoolhouse Blizzard

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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The Schoolhouse Blizzard, also known as the Schoolchildren's Blizzard or the Children's Blizzard, hit the U.S. plains states on January 12, 1888.

The Children S Blizzard

Author: David Laskin
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Walter and his accomplices, who couldn't have been more than seven or eight
years old, studied their “fool heads off,” as family lore relates, reading pages and
pages ahead of the daily assignments and easily outpacing their teacher. In class
each day the boys would torment the “professor” by stumping him with questions
about material he hadn't gotten to yet. This is quite sophisticated compared to the
typical prairie school prank of strong-arming the teacher outside the schoolhouse

Schoolhouse Blizzard

Author: Lambert M. Surhone
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I Survived The Children S Blizzard 1888 I Survived 16

Author: Lauren Tarshis
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When John was warmed up again, he helped the guys sweep away the snow
that was sifting under the door and through the cracks in the walls. Myra and
Annie kept watch over the little kids and soon had them playing Simon Says.
Moving around helped them stay warm. John kept his eye on Franny. But now he
couldn't stop thinking about Ma and Pa. What if Pa had been out in the field when
the blizzard hit? What if Ma had been in the barn? It was very cold in the
schoolhouse, even ...

The No Nonsense Guide To Blizzard Safety Enhanced Edition

Author: Jeffery Sims
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Jeffery Sims. Index B blizzards “Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940” 14-15 footnote
15 Blizzard of 1978 15 cold temperatures 9 criteria for... 2 defined 2, 33 figures 10
(footnote) “Great White Hurricane (Blizzard)” 31 heart attacks (caused by...) 7 (
footnote), 27 how they form... 4-6 Iran Blizzard” (1972) 31 “Schoolhouse Blizzard
of 1888” (also called “The Children's Blizzard”) 7, 8 footnote 8 blizzard warning
17, 33 blizzard watch 17, 33 pictures/illustrations of... 2, 3 stranded in a (what to
do if).

The Children S Blizzard Of 1888

Author: Nel Yomtov
Publisher: Lerner Publications
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On January 12, 1888, a sudden blizzard barreled across Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and the Dakota Territory.

Disasters And Tragic Events An Encyclopedia Of Catastrophes In American History 2 Volumes

Author: Mitchell Newton-Matza
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While the storm was severe, it was eclipsed in scope by the more reported “Killer
Blizzard” that hit the East Coast several months later. While that blizzard shut
down many of the major urban areas, the “children's blizzard” was far more
deadly due in no small part to the lack of shelter in the Plains. To this day, one of
the legacies of the Children's Blizzard (also referred to as the Schoolhouse
Blizzard) is the decision by schools whether or not to cancel school or keep
children in the ...

The Weather Almanac

Author: Steven L. Horstmeyer
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January. 1888. The "Schoolhouse Blizzard” or "School Children's Blizzard” or “
Children's Blizzard” of January 12th was named for three students of Lois Royce
in Plainview, NE who became trapped in the one-room schoolhouse as the
blizzard struck. When they ran out of fuel they attempted to go 82 yards to a
boarding house. Visibility was so low they lost their way and the students died.


Author: John Withington
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Suddenly the region found itself in the grip of what became known as the '
Schoolhouse Blizzard' because so many of its 235 victims were children on their
way home from school. At Mira Valley, Nebraska, pupils were sheltering with their
teacher, Minnie Freeman, when the wind tore off the roof of their oneroomed
schoolhouse. She felt she had no option but to try and get the children to
somewhere safe. According to some accounts, she used a clothes line to tie them
to her and lead ...


Author: John Withington
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In addition to an estimated 1,300 people killed by the twister, 12,000 were injured
and 80,000 lost their homes, making this the most lethal tornado in history.
Another, in 1996, killed up to 1,000 people in the same region. · GREAT
AMERICAN BLIZZARDS · The 'Schoolhouse Blizzard' hit the Great Plains of the
United States on 12 January 1888. It got its name because many of its victims
were children being taught in the one-room schoolhouses that were then
common in rural America.