Bog Bodies Sacred Sites And Wetland Archaeology

Author: Bryony Coles
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References Billen, G., Dechamps, H., Garnier, J., Boet P., Meybeck, M. & Servais,
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Oxford: ...

River Ecosystem Ecology

Author: Gene E. Likens
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780123819994
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Includes an up-to-date summary of global aquatic ecosystems and issues Covers current environmental problems and management solutions Features full-color figures and tables to support the text and aid in understanding

Ecosystems Of Disturbed Ground

Author: L.R. Walker
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 9780080550848
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This book provides a wealth of detail about the process of disturbance and recovery as well as a synthesis of the current state of knowledge about disturbance theory, with extensive documentation.

Global Perspectives On River Conservation

Author: P. J. Boon
Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 9780471960621
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Environment in the Third World: Alliance for the Future (reprinted after 1988).
Earthscan, London. Davies, B.R., O'Keeffe, J.H. and Snaddon, C.D. 1993. A
Synthesis of the Ecological Functioning, Conservation and Management of South
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River and stream ecosystems in southern Africa: predictably unpredictable. In:
Cushing ...

The Biology Of Streams And Rivers

Author: Paul S. Giller
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198549772
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This book provides an essential introduction to the biology and ecology of lotic habitats, and their constituent organisms.

Biodiversity In Wetlands

Author: Brij Gopal
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Longitudinal Zonation of Lotic Insects in the Bandama River System (Ivory Coast)
. Hydrobiologia 122: 61-64. Goulding, M. 1980. The Fishes and the Forest.
University of California Press, Berkeley, CA. 280 pages. Goulding, M., Carvalho,
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Publishing, The Hague. 200 pages. Harrison, A.D. and Hynes, H.B.N. 1988.
Benthic fauna of Ethopian streams and rivers. Archiv fur Hydobiologie,
Supplementband ...

Our Wet World

Author: Sneed III Collard
Publisher: Charlesbridge
ISBN: 1607343436
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Streams and rivers are flowing freshwater ecosystems. They can be small, spring
-fed creeks or powerful waterways such as the Mississippi River. They can be
clear or murky, cold or warm. In streams and rivers, flowing water always tugs at
plants and animals. Water plants avoid being swept away by gripping the gravel
or mud with their roots. Snails, worms, and crayfish keep from being carried away
by hugging river and stream bottoms. Rainbow trout are some of the largest
animals ...

Stream Ecology

Author: J. David Allan
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1402055838
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Increasingly today, the tools of hydrologic analysis are being combined with other
elements of river science to ensure that ''environmental flows'' are sufficient to
protect and restore stream ecosystems. Human societies extract great quantities
of water from rivers, lakes, ... impact on rivers and other surface fresh waters is
staggering. Over half of the world's accessible runoff presently is appropriated for
human use, and that fraction is projected to grow to 70% by 2025 (Postel et al.
1996) ...