Author: Neil A. Campbell
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Der Campbell hatte sich bereits früher als Zusatzlehrbuch für Leistungskurse Biologie und berufliche Gymnasien mit entsprechend fachlicher Ausrichtung bewährt.

Science Explorer Electricity And Magnetism Guided Reading And Study Workbook 2005

Author: Michael J. Padilla
ISBN: 9780131901834
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Electricity □ Guided Reading and Study The First Battery (p. 55) 1. The energy
stored in chemical compounds is called 2. What is a chemical reaction? 3. In
Volta's battery, a chemical reaction between which two metals produced a current
? 4. What did Volta place between layers of metals? 5. In the year 1800, who
designed the first electric battery? Electrochemical Cells (pp. 56-57) 6. A device
that transforms chemical energy into electrical energy is called a(n) . Match the
term with its ...