Predictive Modeling Of Drug Sensitivity

Author: Ranadip Pal
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 012805431X
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This book is an ideal reference for computer scientists, engineers, computational biologists, and mathematicians who want to understand and apply multiple approaches and methods to drug sensitivity modeling.

Bladder Cancer New Insights For The Healthcare Professional 2011 Edition

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“Recent findings suggest that identifying which patients are likely to benefit from
targeted therapies is beneficial, although controversy remains regarding what
types of evaluation might yield optimal candidate biomarkers of sensitivity. Here,
we address this issue by developing and comparing lapatinib sensitivity
prediction models for human bladder cancer cells. After empirically determining
in vitro sensitivities (drug concentration necessary to cause a 50% growth
inhibition) of a panel ...

International Journal Of Oncology

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The selection method also suggested that 5-FU and CDDP might have plural
sensitivity marker genes other than IFITMI. Selection of a set of truly significant
genes for sensitivities to drugs would allow us to predict the therapeutic response
to the agents more accurately, at which point we could understand their interplay
in the expression. Therefore, we performed multiple regression analysis to
compose such prediction models for the in vitro activity of 5-FU and CDDP using
expression ...


Author: Information Resources Management Association
Publisher: IGI Global
ISBN: 146663605X
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This finding is important for improving drug ejficacy and personalizing drug use.
In this paper, the authors present an analysis strategy that, compared to prior
work, retains more information in the data for analysis and may lead to improved
chemosensitivity prediction. The authors apply improved methods for estimating
the G150 value of a drug (an indicator of the response to the drug), regression
methods for constructing predictive models of the G150 value, advanced variable

British Journal Of Neurosurgery

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We conclude that different in vitro tumour clonogenic assays show different
colony-forming efficiencies for the same cell line and may show different
responses to certain drugs. Identification of accurate predictive models of drug
sensitivity will require correlative in vivo and in vitro studies. Key words:
Clonogenic assay, brain tumour, chemotherapy. Introduction There are two
fundamental problems facing the routine use of clonogenic assays to test the
sensitivity of human tumours to ...


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After confirmation with real-time RT-PCR, we then performed multiple regression
analyses to develop drug-sensitivity prediction formulae using the quantified
expression data of selected marker genes. Using the same sets of genes, we
also constructed the prediction models for individual clinical response to 5-FU-
based chemotherapy using 18 cases. We could develop highly predictive
formulae of in vitro sensitivities to the 4 drugs and clinical responses to 5-FU-
based adjuvant ...

Translational Pain Research

Author: Lawrence Kruger
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1439812101
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... important in the field of drug discovery and development since the sensitivity
and predictive validity of animal models can only be established through
extensive testing in many contexts. For these reasons, the rat and mouse models
will continue to be the workhorses driving basic research as well as drug
discovery. Unfortunately, there are 371 Chapter 17. Large Animal Models for
Pain Therapeutic Development.

Antitargets And Drug Safety

Author: Laszlo Urban
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527673660
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Chen, M., Bisgin, H., Tong, L., Hong, H., Fang, H., Borlak, J., and Tong, W. (2014)
Toward predictive models for druginduced liver injury in humans: are we there
yet? Biomarkers in Medicine, 8 (2), 201–213. Godoy, P., Hengstler, J.G., Ilkavets,
I., Meyer, C., Bachmann, A., Müller, A., Tuschl, G., Mueller, S.O., and Dooley, S. (
2009) Extracellular matrix modulates sensitivity of hepatocytes to fibroblastoid
dedifferentiation and transforming growth factor betainduced apoptosis.
Hepatology ...

The Control Of Tumour Growth And Its Biological Bases

Author: W. Davis
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780898386035
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In such studies cell lines are acceptable models. In vitro techniques seem also to
be the most promising approach for predicting drug sensitivity of human tumours
and for individualizing cancer chemotherapy. For more than 15 years we ... The
history of predictive tests is characterized by a very optimistic beginning of some
groups in the early sixties with relatively insufficient methodology (monolayer or
plasma clot cultures with morphological evaluation of drug effects). Later on,
every ...