Europe Piano Atlas

Author: Hans Kurt Herzog
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Musicians Piano Atlas«, ...

The Piano

Author: Robert Palmieri
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135949646
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Power to drive the mechanism came from a small hot-air engine contained in the
cabinet beneath the piano. Bibliography Herzog, H.K., comp. Europe Piano Atlas:
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Gellerman S International Reed Organ Atlas

Author: Robert F. Gellerman
Publisher: Vestal Press
ISBN: 1461731356
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Makers Of The Piano 1820 1860

Author: Martha Novak Clinkscale
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 9780198166252
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Martha Novak Clinkscale. Pfeiffer/KEY Pfister Phillips catalogues Pianoforte
Piano-Fortes Pierce/ATLAS Pierre/FACT Pigot Pilipczuk/ERW:83 Pilipczuk/ERW:
86 Pilipczuk/ERWERB Pilipczuk/HAM Pizzi/HIST Plantinga/CLE Pleasants
Pleasants/EARLY Pleyel/SALLE PO Pohl/WEIMAR Pole/MUS Pollens/EXT
Pontecoulant/ VOYAGES Porter/ASTOR ...

Music Women And Pianos In Antebellum Bethlehem Pennsylvania

Author: Jewel A. Smith
Publisher: Associated University Presse
ISBN: 9780934223904
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It appears that no information exists concerning this builder, except that he is
listed in Pierce Piano Atlas as located in Davenport (the state is not given) (Bob
Pierce, Pierce Piano Atlas [Long Beach, CA: Bob Pierce, 1990], 120). 53. Entry
dated December 31, 1860, account "Music School," expense journal January 1,
1858-December 31, 1865. 54. It appears there were no American piano makers
by this name, but there was a London firm of Henry Lawson and Company. 55.
Entry dated ...

Player Piano

Author: Arthur A. Reblitz
Publisher: Vestal Press
ISBN: 1461664470
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... microwave 55 overhang, measuring 52 Packard 28 pedal controls 19-20 paint
remover 51 paint thinner 5O Peerless 2,191 D rolls 201 0 rolls 201 Style 44 rolls
201 perflex 77,83 Philipps 2,191,194 Duca 153 PM rolls 201 Phonoliszt, Hupfeld
154,188 Phonoliszt Violina 188 piano action 6 Atlas 28 cleaning 30-31 condition
of 24-26 dating 28 disassembling 29-30 player 1 refinishing 32 repairing 32
supplies 47 Pianola 1,99,149 Pianolin rolls 200 Pianostyle 189 Pierce Piano
Atlas 28 ...

The Keyboard Stringing Guide

Author: Jean Louchet
ISBN: 1445710331
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Concert Grand, second edition, Stanford University Press, Stanford, CA, 2001. [
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1851, ...