Perennial All Stars

Author: Jeff Cox
Publisher: Rodale
ISBN: 9780875968896
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DWARF CHINESE ASTILBE ( Astilbe chinensfs var.pumila IT WAS ON MY FIRST
WALK with renowned perennial plantsman Fred McGourty, in his Connecticut
garden one August, that he pointed out a striking, spiky-looking, raspberry ...
These plants bloom late in the season, with flowers that resemble those of dwarf
Chinese astilbe and, like their parent, they tend to be more drought tolerant than
the more widely grown summer-flowering hybrid astilbes (A. x arendsii cultivars). '
Finale' ...


Author: Fine Gardening
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 9781561580545
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From the time they leaf out in early spring until tall frost, their medium- to deep-
green, sometimes bronze-red compound leaves, which grow 12 in. to 15 in. tall,
complement the other perennials in my garden. Individual astilbe flowers are tiny,
but together they form a striking plumelike inflorescence, called a panicle. This
flower ... Each species or hybrid blooms for about a month, and by planting
successively blooming ones, I can enjoy astilbe flowers through September. If
you live in a ...

The Horticulture Gardener S Guides Perennials

Author: Andy McIndoe
Publisher: David & Charles
ISBN: 9781558707641
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Tiarella wherryi (zone 5-9) is a parent of many of the new hybrids. Its rounded
leaves have three sharp points and are light green flushed to varying degrees
with reddish maroon. The airy heads of white flowers often show a hint of pink. All
three species range in height from 8-20 in. (20 to 50 cm). Tiarella 'Iron Butterfly' (
zone 4-9) is one of many new selections; it has large, deeply divided medium
green leaves, with a striking dark red-black stripe on each segment, and flowers
similar to ...

Creating Beds And Borders

Author: Lee Anne White
Publisher: Taunton Press
ISBN: 9781561584734
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The lamb's-ears make one garden out of many plants, and by following the
contours of the hillside, they anchor the bed to its site. For blue foliage, I have a
clump of blue oat grass (Helictotrichon semper- virens), with its stiff but graceful
gray-blue leaves. Purple leaves are a favorite of mine, including those of shrub
smokebush (Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'), perennial coral bells (Heuchera
micrantha 'Palace Purple') or annual Peri I la frutescens. The most striking red-
leaved plant ...

The Complete Catalog Of Seeds

Author: J.L. Hudson Seedsman (Firm)
Size: 15.35 MB
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'LACE FLOWER'. Ornamental herbs with lacy leaves and white or blue flowers.
Charming Australian plants for cut flowers, the rock garden and border. Sow in
March indoors to germinate in 20 days, set out in May. Flowers in about 19 weeks
. ... thimble-like flowers, beautifully spotted. They are easily grown from seed
sown in (he spring or up to August for fli (he following season. D. Purpurea v.
Gloxinaeflora Varieties: —alba. DIG-1A. Pure white flowers. An excellent variety.

Trees Shrubs And Roses For Midwest Gardens

Author: Ezra Haggard
Publisher: Indiana University Press
ISBN: 9780253339614
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One of the showiest flowering trees for the garden, the dogwood is arguably our
most impressive native. Some years, driving back to Kentucky from Key West in
early March, 1 am privileged to see the dogwoods begin blooming in northern
Florida through southern Georgia. It always comes as a ... Proper scale is
important in any garden, and the dogwood helps with that by remaining a small
tree, spreading more horizontally than vertically (usually from 20' to 30'). As the
tree spreads it ...

Gardening For All Seasons

Author: Anne Moyer Halpin
Publisher: Creative Homeowner Press
Size: 10.49 MB
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elegant flowers of daylilies. Evergreen ground covers supply a welcome dose of
color in the winter landscape. Other perennial ground covers are deciduous,
meaning they drop their leaves or die back to the ground in the fall. But even
these may continue to please the eye with attractive bark or branching patterns or
... The bare branches of deciduous shrubs and the dried leaves and stems of
ornamental grasses and other deciduous perennials can also be striking through
the winter.

Potted And Pruned

Author: Carol Michel
Publisher: Gardenangelist Books
ISBN: 9780998697918
Size: 37.79 MB
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Carol Michel, author of the award-winning blog May Dreams Gardens, has penned a delightful book of gardening stories recounting her years speed weeding, scolding plants for their poor manners, experiencing the magic of a clover lawn, ...

The American Horticultural Society Flower Finder

Author: Jacqueline Hériteau
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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Favorites for cutting are 'Bright Eyes' , a pretty pink with a crimson eye; 'Blue 1ce',
a vigorous, hardy white with a lavender eye; 'Prime Minister', white with a crimson
eye; 'Fujiyama', a strong, vigorous white with a golden eye; and 'Orange
Perfection', an almost luminous standout, especially when combined with 'Starfire
', an equally luminous red. For culture, see list 27, Phlox. SEDUM 'Autumn Joy',
Stonecrop. Colorful flowers from late summer through autumn, 20 to 24 inches