New Scientist

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How would you feel about a robot carer looking after you in old age? Eldercare
robotics is being developed quite rapidly in Japan. Robots could be greatly
beneficial in keeping us out of care homes in our old age, performing many dull
duties for us and aiding in tasks that failing memories make difficult. But it is a
trade-off. My big concern is that once the robots have been tried and tested, it
may be tempting to leave us entirely in their care. Like all humans, the PROFILE
Born in Belfast, ...

The American Journal Of Occupational Therapy

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What justifies the emphasis on man's robot nature at the expense of his pilot
nature? Skinner deserves credit for the uncompromising way in which he focuses
the issue. It should serve as a serious warning but, to the contrary, Skinner urges
us to manipulate ourselves further-"beyond freedom and dignity." Why does he
do this? Skinner ... The Myth of Autonomous Man Skinner tells us that man has
no subjective, inner core of consciousness. The idea of an autonomous man with


Author: Andrew Leonard
Publisher: Wired Books
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of is short for robot, which is cooler than program," says John Leth-Nissen, a
hacker who hangs out on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network. And that
captures part of the bot equation. Bots are cool. They stoke our imaginations with
the promise of a universe populated by beings other than ourselves, beings that
can surprise us, beings that are both our servants and, possibly, our enemies.
Bots, which are here, now, and growing in number and power every day, are
advance scouts ...

The Ego Tunnel

Author: Thomas Metzinger
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0786744421
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We're used to thinking about the self as an independent entity, something that we either have or are. In The Ego Tunnel, philosopher Thomas Metzinger claims otherwise: No such thing as a self exists.

The Catholic Worker

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"Our love for mankind is inspired within by a love which is greater than the
dimensions of the world and which provides it with a radically new element . ...
When the capitalist divests himself of his anti- communist myths, and the socialist
of his fears of capitalist imperialism, then and only then a sense of respect will
evolve so that man can meet man. .... He notes that the lrrationalism of the U.S.'s
rationalism has only succeeded in creating a one-dimensional, robot sort of

Vie Des Arts

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In Man's Presumptuous Brain, Simeons states that our biological heritage, which
allows us to adapt ourselves to our environment, has ceased to evolve for more
than half a million years, before the appearance of the least degree of technology
. ... Because man adapted to technologies is a robot-2ombie who sleeps soundly.
... universe in perpetual motion, without perspective and without history, where a
series of discontinuous but inter-resonant myths are used as tools of navigation.

Domus Monthly Review Of Architecture Interiors Design Art

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It is already possible, though not yet current, to project homunculi. digital versions
of ourselves, called avatars, in the virtual simulations of worlds, cities, buildings.
... This fable which has given rise to many interpretations including a recent
Hollywood movie, may one day appear as it is. not only a good story for children,
but a great myth of our times, just as that of the Titanic which we now nurture as a
neurosis, ... Pinocchio is the robot at the stage where it wants to become