Air Mobility

Author: Keith A. Hutcheson
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For air mobility to achieve this goal and remain the cornerstone of national
security, it must be prepared to surmount future obstacles through a number of
initiatives: incorporated technological advances, modernized systems and en
route structure ... improvements in direct delivery, short-field takeoff and landing
capability, precision aerial delivery, global air traffic management, and
autonomous landing capability (landing in almost zero visibility) are critical to
ensuring air mobility forces ...

Department Of Defense Authorization For Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2004 Personnel

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
Publisher: Government Printing Office
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The fleet will receive the avionics modernization which replaces cockpit displays
while upgrading critical flight controls, navigational, and communications
equipment. This will allow the C-5 to operate in Global Air Traffic Management (
GATM) airspace. Additionally, the C-5B models and possibly the C-5As, will
undergo a Reliability Enhancement and Re-engining program which will not only
replace the powerplant, but also numerous unreliable systems and components.
The 445th ...

Department Of Defense Authorization For Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2000 And The Future Years Defense Program Readiness And Management Support

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Armed Services
Publisher: Government Printing Office
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Because of the speed and range of air assets, Air Force units are often the first
forces on scene in a peacetime crisis or contingency, providing eyes and ears to
follow on forces. Air Force mobility assets frequently carry the US flag to remote
locations. U.S. airlifters ... Therefore, we ask that you support our fiscal year 1998
budget request for Operation and Maintenance, spares and munitions
procurement to ensure tomorrow's Air Force is equally prepared for the future.

Department Of Defense Appropriations For Fiscal Year 2002

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forces with Active forces. Another top priority is the KC-130T Avionics
modernization/standardization which closely parallels the USAF C-130
modernization effort. The current Reserve aircraft configuration is not compliant
with emerging Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance/Air Traffic
Management or mandated Navigation/Safety requirements. Funding these and
other modernization initiatives to maintain readiness and safety will facilitate the
effective integration of Reserve ...

Department Of Defense Appropriations For 2010 Part 1 February 11 2009 111 1 Hearings

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Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition, as proud passengers. The production
program is delivering on cost and on schedule. These efforts will fully modernize
52 C-5s that meet the warfighter's requirements. 6-17 Produgog The C-17
continues to be a highly successful program and proven airlift workhorse for
American defense. The Air Force recently took delivery of its 183rd aircraft, on-
cost and onschedule. Congress provided $3.6 billion to the Air Force in fiscal
year (FY) 2008 for ...

Fuel Reduction For The Mobility Air Forces

Author: Christopher A. Mouton
Publisher: Rand Corporation
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Reducing aviation fuel use is an ongoing goal for military and civil operators, and Air Mobility Command is feeling increasing pressure to further reduce fuel use by implementing and following known best practices.

Library Of Congress Catalog Motion Pictures And Filmstrips

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U.S. U.S. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (Continued) Farmer cooperation in Europe
Farmer cooperatives today Flipper returns From the ground up From the ridge to
the river Know the poultry you buy Modernizing marketing facilities More and
better ... 24 Air Force digest no. 25 Air Force digest no. 26 Air Force digest no. 27
Air Force digest no. 28 Air Force digest no. 29 Air Force digest no. 30 Air Force
digest no. 31 Air Force digest no. 32 Air Force flight surgeon Air Force news
review no.

Proposed Transfer Of Military Sealift Command Functions To Military Traffic Management And Terminal Service

Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Armed Services. Special Subcommittee on Transportation
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Yes? sir, there would DC no change in the air challenge, in the air diversions, in
any way at all. ... Yes, sir. Unequivocally the Army has been a great driving force
behind the modernization ... As far as I am speaking for the Army now, my view is
to insure that you give as much traffic as you can to the merchant marine, and
thereby induce construction of modern ships to meet tomorrow's needs rather
than to perpetuate the use of the outmoded, obsolescent ships in your own fleet.

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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... N0443 tomorrow's technical/communications labor force, problems/ f>rospects,
air traffic controllers' strike, 1981; interviews, surveys; abor leaders/ followers; S
15862 US government's Technical Services program, planning/legislation,
historical/philosophical background; ND286 vocational education, France,
Claude Grignon's empirical study, technical culture concept, further education
curricula, GB: M9782 Technician/Technicians engineers'/technicians' mobility,
regional features, ...