Miles And Miles Of Texas

Author: Carol Dawson
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Sure to interest history enthusiasts and casual readers alike, decades of progress and turmoil, development and disaster, and politics and corruption come together once more in these pages, which tell the remarkable story of an ...

100 Years Of Science And Technology In Texas

Author: Leo J. Klosterman
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more than $1 14 billion, the Interstate program boosted the national economy
and brought great benefits to the Southwest where imposing distances separated
town and cities; Texas has more interstate highway mileage than any other state (
3,21 5 miles). By 1980 the Texas Highway Department maintained over 70,000
miles of paved roads and thousands of bridges, and annually expended more
than $1.5 billion on repairs and new construction. Building methods and
materials ...

Texas Almanac And State Industrial Guide

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1, 1967, the Highway Department maintained 25,583 miles of primary highways
and had designated or under construction another 745 miles. FARM-TO-
MARKET ROADS: In its 1949 session, the Texas Legislature gave Impetus to a
paved, adequate farm-to-market road system by making $15 million available
each year from general revenue for the construction of an integrated system of
rural roads. The aim was to "get the farmers out of the mud," to enable them to get
their produce ...

Texas Highways

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"Beulah was bad, but her winds were only 84 miles an hour," he said. "We
worked all day, right through Hurricane Beulah. Carla was the same way, but
Celia was different. The wind was blowing so hard we had to stay inside." McVay
works for the Highway Department and lives in Rockport. He is one of many
coastal ... When 100-year-old oak trees that have stood through other hurricanes
tumble like straw, then you know you've lived through a rough one." Celia had
come and gone.

Annual Report Texas Highway Department

Author: Texas. Highway Dept
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Texas. Highway Dept. 100-foot width constitutes 67% of the grand total of 4,628
miles of new and wider rights-of-way secured. Of a total of 3,100 miles of 100-foot
right-of-way secured on both construction and maintenance, 82.6% was secured
... right-of-way secured was 55.8% of the total, and during the fiscal year ending
August 31, 1930, the amount of 100-foot right-of-way secured was 83.4% of the
total, showing the increase in proportion of the amount of 100-foot right-of-way.

Design And Operation Of Inland Ports As Nodes Of The Trans Texas Corridor

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Completed in the early 1990s at a total cost of more than $130 billion, it consists
of approximately 46,000 miles of divided highway containing over 45,000
structures. Economists, historians, and social scientists have debated its impact
on the U.S. economy and many have concluded that it exceeded the impact
achieved by the railroads 100 years earlier. The interstate system is a ... This has
led to decreased mobility within major urban areas in Texas. Interstates are now
used for ...

Texas Off The Beaten Path

Author: June Naylor
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75- or 80-mile-per-hour speed limits. Lower limits are posted on many highways;
limits on urban freeways are from 55 to 70 miles per hour. School zones are
strictly monitored at 20 miles per hour, and many cities impose hefty fines for
drivers using cell phones while driving through school zones. texas state Parks
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offers more than 100 parks, state
natural areas, wildlife management areas, and historic sites. The State Parks
Pass and the Texas ...

A Walk Around The Pond

Author: Gilbert WALDBAUER
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Thomas Headlee reported that in New Jersey they often move 35 to 40 miles
inland and have on occasion appeared as much as 100 miles away from the
marshes where they originated. Female salt ... William Downes and I learned
how horrible an encounter with salt marsh mosquitoes can be while collecting
insects in Texas in 1960. We camped on a debris-littered beach on the Bolivar
Peninsula a few miles east of where the Texas Highway Department's ferry to
Galveston docks.

Better Roads

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The state's highway system now includes a total of 2,425 miles of completed multi
-lane divided highways of all types, including about 850 miles of expressways,
which California defines as mostly controlled access but with some crossings at
grade. The 1 ,000th mile of full ... Tourist Business The annual tourist industry
report compiled by the Texas Highway Department shows that the number of
tourists visiting Texas last year declined for the fourth straight year. About
8,408,000 tourists ...

Highway Highlights

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And geologists discount the possibility of natural gas reserves in that area. So
maybe it's a mirage? Why not? Mirages do occur in such stratified air as that
region boasts. But abide. Mirages, after all, are reflections of distant artificial lights
. The Ghost Light of the Chinatis has been seen now for more than 100 years.
And a hundred years ago, the brightest light in those parts was a pioneer's
kerosene lantern — hardly sufficient to Harold Surratt, Texas Highway
Department senior resident ...