Microbial Based Polyhydroxyalkanoates

Author: Amirul Al-Ashraf
ISBN: 9781909030619
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An introduction to the key concepts in each area is given. Secondly, this book details recent advances in each PHA processing field, offering readers insight into how the research trends are evolving over time.

Recent Advances In Biotechnology Volume 1 Microbial Biopolyester Production Performance And Processing Microbiology Feedstocks And Metabolism

Author: Martin Koller
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
ISBN: 1681083256
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The article covers microbiological, engineering, and economic aspects of whey-
based PHA production by meso- and extremophile wild-type or genetically
engineered prokaryotic production strains. ... Keywords: Agricultural waste, β-
galactosidase, Carbon-rich waste, Cheese whey, Copolyester, Dairy industry,
Dairy waste, Downstream processing, Green energy carriers, Homopolyester,
Lactose, Nutraceuticals, Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), Process design,
Production strains, ...

Recent Advances In Biotechnology Volume 2 Microbial Biopolyester Production Performance And Processing Bioengineering Characterization And Sustainability

Author: Martin Koller
Publisher: Bentham Science Publishers
ISBN: 1681083736
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PHA, a group of biobased microbial biopolyesters subjectable towards
biodegradation constitute promising candidates to potentially substitute diverse
conventional petrol-based plastics. As a drawback, PHA ́s too high production
cost still hampers their success on the on the market. The most prominent cost
generating factors are the upstream processing, the bioprocess (fermentation),
and, last, but not least, thus * Corresponding author Abhishek Dutt Tripathi:
Centre of Food Science ...

Principles Of Biotechnology

Author: A. J. Nair
Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131800621
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The microbial cultures are sually maintained in petri plates or in slants of culture
tubes as stock cultures. ... Then the product is purified from the mixture by
following various separation methods that are the} part of downstream
processing. ... Therefore, the success and efficiency of the bioprocess technology
for the economical m a iufactu ring of a biochemical is closely associated with the
integrated designing and operation of ill the three important steps—upstream
processing, ...

Molecular Biotechnology Includes Navigate Advantage Access

Author: Associate Professor Department of Occupational Therapy University of New England Regula H Robnett
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
ISBN: 1284031411
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DISCUSSION. QUESTIONS. 1. Research and describe a recent application of
biotechnology to an industrial process or product. 2. How is batch fermentation
different from continuous fer- mentation? What are the advantages and
disadvantages for each process? 3. What factors must be considered when
designing upstream processing? Downstream processing?


Author: Winfried Storhas
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 3527328998
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Mit diesem Buch wird allen, die an der Entwicklung biotechnologischer Prozesse beteiligt sind, ein Werk an die Hand gegeben, das die einzelnen Aspekte der Bioverfahrensentwicklung darstellt und zu einem Gesamtbild zusammenfügt: ...