Near Eastern Archaeology

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(Hebrew Bible, New Testament, and Apocrypha references; the list also
comprises places that do not have an entry in the book) . In a new edition, it
would be helpful to add a selected (and annotated) bibliography that could guide
the reader to further readings and other useful tools such as atlases or collections
of (translated) inscriptions. Peter Lampe University of Heidelberg Hidden
Treasures of Ancient Egypt: Unearthing the Masterpieces of Egyptian History By
Zahi Hawass.


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Scribe Of Justice

Author: Zahi A. Hawass
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Egyptological Studies in Honour of Shafik Allam Zahi A. Hawass, Khaled Abdalla
Daoud, Ramadan B. Hussein. Endnotes ** 4 : $5" -6, I would like to thank Prof.
M. A. Nur ... Unfortunately, very scanty information is available for these objects,
cf. limestone sarcophagus kept in the National Museum, Rio de Janeiro, see K.
Kitchen, Catalogue of the Egyptian Collection in the National Museum, Rio de
Janeiro (Warminster, 1990), I, No. 70 (Inv. 240), 183-84, pls 175-177A. Some lids
of ...

Annual Editions

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Zahi Hawass, the official keeper of the pyramids, tried to explain to me how much
biblical narratives and ancient traditions have erroneously shaped outsiders'
perceptions of Egypt. ... It is formally under Palestinian political administration but
still within Israeli security control. ... It was set up to house artifacts related to holy
places in Jerusalem, and the museum has an impressive collection of hundreds
of Korans, colorful tiles and beautifully carved cedar wood used in mosques.

Egyptian Archaeology

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Bulletin of the Egypt Exploration Society ... On the E mound, explorations
continued inside a large structure (f.6(>0 sq.m) of Naqada 1 1 1 13 date, featuring
walls of unequal thickness surrounding a square central room. ... Photograph
courtesy of Zahi Hawass Dyn decorated stone chapel F48 concentrated on the
mud-brick exterior part with three rooms, and its main entrance to the N.The
entrance doorway- has an inscribed limestone lintel, some fragments of which
were found in the ...


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A journey across four continents to the heart of the conflict over who should own the great works of ancient art Why are the Elgin Marbles in London and not on the Acropolis?