Scientific And Technical Books In Print

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Treatise on Applied Hydraulics. 5th ed. 1967. 12.00 (Pub. by Chapman & Hall).
B&N. Butler, Stanley S. Engineering Hydrology. 1957. 17.20 (ISBN 0-13-277871-
8). P.H. Dake, Jonas M. Essentials of Engineering Hydraulics. 1972.995 (ISBN ...
Mataix, Claudio. Mecanica De Fluidos Y Maqrienas Hidraulicas. (Span). 1969.
pap. text ed. 8.00 (ISBN 006-315590-7). Har-Row. Pippenger, John H. & Hicks,
Tyler G. Industrial Hydraulics. 2nd ed. 1970 text ed. 1050 (ISBN 0-07. 050064-9).

Encyclopedic Dictionary Of Polymers

Author: Jan W. Gooch
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441962468
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Large particle size grades are used when opaque pigments are needed, and fine
particle size grades for use in metallic automotive top coats (Printing Ink Manual,
5th Ed., Leach RH, Pierce RJ, Hickman EP, Mackenzie MJ, Smith HG, Blueprint,
New York, 1993; Organic Coatings Science and Technology, 2nd Ed., Wicks ZN,
Jones FN, Pappas SP, Wiley-Interscience, New York, 1999; Herbst W, Hunger K;
Industrial Organic Pigments, John Wiley and Sons, Inc.). Quinacridone Violet A ...


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King, H. W. Handbook of Hydraulics. McGraw-Hill Book Co. (5th ed., 1963) $15
Lamb, H. Hydrodynamics. Dover Publications (1945) $4 Leliavsky, S. An
Introduction to Fluvial Hydraulics. Dover Publications (1966) $2 McClain, C. Fluid
Flow in Pipes. Industrial Press (2nd ed., 1963) $6 Morkis, H. M. Applied
Hydraulics in Engineering. Ronald Press Co. (1963) $11 Nomenclature on
Hydraulics. Manual 43, American Society of Civil Engineers (1962) $6 Parmikian,
J. Water hammer ...

Books In Print 1994 95

Author: R R Bowker Publishing
ISBN: 9780835234986
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*L*.si.ed see Parker Hammifin Corporation $o *Limer F.tiste Parker Hammifin
smoon Shi *Imaor F. Jr. ed Industrial Hydraulic *toloshkar's Guide 2nd ed. (Illus).
434p. * {3, ii-o-o-6, BUL 02:32-B2) Parker .... 3 1/2 disk 52.50 (0.8926-150.9), incl.
Maclmtosh $250 (0.894.26-151-7), solutions manual avail (0-89426-199-s) Boyd
& Fraser. —User's Manual Linear, Integer, & Quadratic Programming with LIND0.
Student Edition. 5th ed. 132p. 1991. pap 34.50 incl. 5 1/4" disk (0-89426-195-9),

Hydraulics And Pneumatics

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G. Hydraulics. 5th ed. New York: The McMillan Co., 1958. Kirk & Rimboi.
Instrumentation. New York: American Technical Society. Kirshner, I. M. (ed.) Fluid
Amplifiers. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1966. Klaimovich, E. M.
Hydraulic Control ... Stewart, H. L., and Storer, M. ABC's of Fluid Power and
Student's Workbook. Indianapolis, Indiana: Howard W. Sams 6: Co., 1968.
Stewart, H. L. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power for Production. 2nd ed. New York:
The Industrial Press, 1963.