I Am Coyote

Author: Geri Vistein
Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers and Cadent Publishing
ISBN: 0884484785
Size: 21.14 MB
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Blending science and imagination with magical results, this story tells how coyotes may have populated a land desperately in need of a keystone predator, and no one who reads it will doubt the value of their ecological role.

I Am Coyote

Author: Jay Schoenberger
ISBN: 9780578136868
Size: 71.74 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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"An anthology for backpackers, mountaineers, and lovers of the outdoors. The collection contains some of the most powerful wilderness essays, poetry, and short stories.

Wild Blood Horses Of The Dawn 3

Author: Kathryn Lasky
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545683025
Size: 30.88 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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To call an animal by a human word was the worst insult that a father coyote could
confer on a young one. So this nameless pup called himself simply Little Coyote,
and as such, he had to endure his father's boastful strutting every time he had
pulled some trick. That horrible shrill chant as he pranced around still rang in
Little Coyote's ears. I am coyote, I am coyote. Islip and slink Into your head So
you can't think. I am the dream stealer, The fantastic concealer. Crafty and sly, I'll
sell you ...

Story Drama

Author: David Booth
Publisher: Pembroke Publishers Limited
ISBN: 1551381923
Size: 22.86 MB
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The students are sharing their moving commentaries on the story and the drama,
having left mere recounting and reporting; they are using written conventions to
represent their shift in attitudes and perceptions, extending personal viewpoints
inside a broader and more complex frame. Their coyote voices are heard above
the classroom, echoing down the hallways of the school, connecting us to the
world outside the education institution—the ultimate destination of every student.
I am ...

Horses Of The Dawn 1 The Escape

Author: Kathryn Lasky
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 054563346X
Size: 11.69 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Kathryn Lasky. The rabbit bush caught fire and flames whipped around them. The
coyote rose on his short hind legs and began to dance through the flames
untouched. His eyes rolled madly in his head as he sang. I am coyote, I am
coyote. I slip and slink Into your head So you can't think. I am the dream stealer,
The fantastic concealer. Crafty and sly, I'll sell you lies. A merchant of death, I'll
swipe your breath. I am coyote, I am coyote. And now the fire winds shall blow!
The canyon was ...

Horses Of The Dawn 2 Star Rise

Author: Kathryn Lasky
Publisher: Scholastic Inc.
ISBN: 0545662850
Size: 54.81 MB
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But Coyote sought more than vengeance. He wanted power. He knew his world
was changing with the arrival of these new animals called horses, with these men
astride them from a distant land. Then Coyote danced off into the night that
swirled with rain and fog. I am coyote, I am coyote, First Angry they call me. I am
the dream maker and the dream taker. You might blink But never think While I
work my magic To craft the tragic, If not for me, There would be no you. I know
your secrets, ...

The Star Reach Companion

Author: Richard Arndt
Publisher: TwoMorrows Publishing
ISBN: 1605490512
Size: 56.35 MB
Format: PDF
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Panels from Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers' “I Am Coyote” serial. NoTeS:
Golden's cover was later reused for a European cover of Creepy. “Coyote” was
the debut of a new Englehart/Rogers serial. “Rick Rabbit” was originally intended
for the never published seventh issue of Quack! and was almost certainly done in
1977. Mayerik's art for “Role Model” is reproduced from his pencils and looks
much better than the previous issue's printing attempt with Russell's pencils. This
was ...

Xo Orpheus

Author: Kate Bernheimer
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698136268
Size: 12.17 MB
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Adam had howled like a coyote, neck stretched toward the ceiling fan. Sara
laughed and bounced the baby in her arms. When the narrator described a
winter starvation scene, a coyote unable to successfully hunt a deer, its rail-thin
body skulking a snowy mountain, Adam said he didn't want to watch anymore
and threw the remote at the television. Adam was in the nursery, working. Ben
slowly walked in. “Adam?” “I am . . . coyote man . . . I am . . . coyote Sam,” sang
Adam. Ben couldn't ...