How To Build Ls Gen Iv Perf On Dyno

Author: Richard Holdener
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As such, this is an indispensible resource for anyone building GM LS Gen IV engine. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Arial}

How To Build High Performance Chevy Ls1 Ls6 V 8s

Author: Will Handzel
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Winegarden continued, “Once the LS6 program was up and running, various
members of the V-8 team started to look around at other possibilities. Tim Cyrus
was the Assistant Chief Engineer for the truck engines, and when he saw the LS6
castings, he started pushing for a 6.0-liter performance package. A few of his
dyno team members and he did the work to create a head, and Cadillac decided
to use it to further distinguish their Escalade in the full-size SUV portfolio. “The
LQ4/LQ9 ...

How To Supercharge And Turbocharge Gm Ls Series Engines

Author: Barry Kluczyk
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When it comes to the performance capability of the General Motors Gen III/Gen IV
engines (commonly known as “LS” engines), that old adage couldn't be more true
—but not in the traditional sense. The LS engine isn't built like the old small-
blocks, and that's a good thing. ... I was shooting stories at a variety of tuning
shops and was, frankly, suspicious of the chassis dyno numbers that were being
generated by LS1powered F-body cars and Corvettes with bolt-on superchargers

How To Build And Modify Gm Ls Series Engines

Author: Joseph Potak
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This causes huge losses in engine performance and coolant leaks that originate
at the head gasket and the support structure behind the sleeve when the sleeve
breaks free. While all sleeves ... The only proper way (and the preferred method)
to have a largebore resleeved block based on the LS1 and LS6 ... The MID Gen
IV blocks required a different sleeve than the Gen III aluminum blocks because
GM revised the coolant floor, which changes where the bottom of the sleeve

Swap Ls Engines Into Camaros Firebirds 1967 1981

Author: Eric McClellan
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Finding the right tuner can be a challenge, but suffice to say, it's important to dyno
tune any engine to not only get the most power out of it but also to keep it as
reliable as possible. ... The biggest difference between Gen III and Gen IV LS
engines is the Gen III has a 24x (26 minus 2) crank reluctor wheel while the Gen
IV engine has a 58x (60 minus 2) reluctor wheel for greater computer power and
more computing power, this means that the computer has more data points to
draw from ...

High Performance Chevy Small Block Cylinder Heads

Author: Graham Hansen
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While the small-block Chevy engine has been well-chronicled, specific in-depth information on this important component has been more elusive. This book shows you how to choose the best cylinder head for your application.

Sport Compact Turbos Blowers

Author: Joe Pettitt
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Jackson Racing's Focus SVTsupercharger kit installs as if it were a factory part.
huge roadblocks to building a powerful yet fully streetable supercharger system.
But the I-VTEC system and huge intake and ... gains and could not be overlooked
. At the heart of this completely new system is Jackson Racing's Gen IV JR62
supercharger. ... After countless hours of development and hundreds of dyno
runs, Jackson Racing has achieved astonishing results. This Jackson Racing
RSX Type-S ...

Low Rider

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Sanderson Headers Performance Headers Sanderson Headers' new design for
GM LSI engines works in street rods, classic Chevy trucks and full-size cars up to
'67. ... They are available in plain steel and polished high-temp ceramic coating,
and give you big horsepower and torque improvement over stock manifolds. ...
Flowmaster U-Flt-Dual-Kit Exhaust Flowmaster's new mandrel-bent U-Fit-Dual-Kit
allows anyone to custom-build a mandrel-bent dual exhaust in either 2.25-. 2.50-
or ...

Modern Classics

Author: Rich Taylor
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But by 1956 John Fitch and Walt Hansgen were able to keep a factory car
together long enough to finish ninth overall at Sebring, and Duntov himself drove
a special V-8 with a prototype of the famous Duntov cam over 150 mph at Day-
tona Beach. Dick Thompson, the Washington, D.C., D.D.S. who literally built a
second career behind the wheel of various Corvettes, also won SCCA C-
production in '56 in a semifac- tory car. Technically it was owned by Thompson,
but actually it went ...