Model Making For Jewelry Casting

Author: Richard D. Austin
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Finally a book for the hobbyist and craftsperson who prefers purchasing already
finished gemstones, .nountings and findings for ... This book gives step-by-step
instructions tor simple and major projects, with a minimum of equipment and raw
materials, most of which can ... Learn how to master special shaped cabochon
cutting, assembled stones, star stones and cats-eyes Special sections on opal
and jade. ... Learn how to finish flat surfaces, drill, tumble, make spheres,
bookends, etc.

The Library Journal Book Review

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One- third of the book is devoted to stitches and instructions on crocheting forms.
... Firsoff, V. A. Working with Gemstones. Arco. ... then traces the working of a
stone from its extraction, trimming, grinding, sanding, and polishing to its final
form as a polished gem. He discusses cutting cabochons, faceting, tumbling,
drilling, making simple ... Final chapters give miscellaneous information and list
worldwide suppliers of lapidary and jewelry-making equipment and rough
gemstone material.

National Guide To Craft Supplies

Author: Judith Glassman
Publisher: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company
ISBN: 9780442227029
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From casting equipment to camper's axes, Bet-Roc offers basic jewelry- making
supplies and a complete line of lapidary and ... Discount Agate House offers
rough rock from around the world, silver and supplies, lapidary machinery (by
Star ... All the motorized machines for tumbling, slabbing, sawing, faceting,
sphere making, grinding, sanding, and polishing, are ... With accessories it can
turn stone, ceramics, or glass, turn and polish spheres, cut cabochons, drill holes,
or spin metal.

Chilton S Jewelers Circular Keystone 1970 Jewelers Directory Issue

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trade developments such as tumble-polishing. (111., 390 pp. ... The basic
fundamentals — what gems are and where they can be found- are covered first.
This section is followed by detailed instructions in cutting and polishing. (111.,
181 pp. ... This book offers the beginner a guide to the equipment he will need
and the steps he will go through in cutting a stone. Includes ... Covers all the
elementary steps in sawing, grinding, sanding, polishing, drilling and lapping,
cabochon cutting.

The Lapidary Journal

Author: Lelande Quick
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Easy to follow instructions for em- dding, laminating, mosaics and tabletops.
italog lists plastic supplies, molds, stamp- gs, ... Fine cutting precious tones from
rough. ... Scarce fossil and rock looks, early wood-block prints, Badland fos- il
material, wood and stone talisman carv- ngs. ... Gem Sparkle Tumbler, complete
with necessary polishing grits instructions and 3 lbs. choice Oregon Coast agates
and jaspers. ... 3-speed automatic up & down, easily disconnected for V«" drill

Gems And Minerals

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Findings, supplies, minerals, fossils, equipment, rough and finished stones, etc.
Jox-Rox, 4825 N. ... 00 IOWA ABERNATHY'S, MARION, IOWA: Mountings,
equipment, rocks, Iowa specimens, ultrasonic drilling. Aber- nathy's Rock Shop,
2075 ...