Author: DK
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1465462120
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From diamonds to sapphires to limestone, this comprehensive guide profiles all the key gemstones and other precious materials, and stunning images show the jewels in their different cuts, colors, and uses.


Author: Aja Raden
Publisher: DK
ISBN: 9781465453563
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Whether you're interested in fine jewelry or mineralogy, this book provides in-depth information about all the major gem types. The text reveals the riches of the Earth from raw minerals to jewelry pieces.

Rocks Minerals

Author: Ronald Louis Bonewitz
Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
ISBN: 9781405328319
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From primeval origins to their astonishing modern-day uses and appeal, this is the ultimate portrait of Earth's buried treasures - rocks, minerals, crystals and gems - produced in association with the Smithsonian Institution.

The Complete Human Body

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 075667509X
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The Definitive Visual Guide. CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM —§ (UL — E cum “I [1
—) w 4—! C as a re = ; =§C r Lg g? Q — yd: 9 '--EGJG" '_O“ 9' C-U 9-2: ES 0'91) “*
2 293:2 2cm U13 g 5-9110 a w“'— w—C 0);; w '1' {:3 >i¥ v—.E '1 '10 0w \— ow} s :
we tolw £~ : a “in sea. gee we 52 >a§ gov-EC gem m H' - UH germ L'Ewg egg
Egar c ii; goes gags Rte 5% 33%?“ 1%; we; : ow Nwgm u +4 rm ._ '-UC “Em-a —_
<u '-'“O T; '- cu -- Lin 0-: _ 'asafi 52% rss Ease s ism he» sea." ass Esé aew MW ...

The Pearl Book

Author: Antoinette L. Matlins
Publisher: Gemstone Press
ISBN: 0943763355
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The Definitive Buying Guide - How to Select, Buy, Care for and Enjoy Pearls
Antoinette L. Matlins. Acknowledgments. A. Special. ThankYou. To my father,
Antonio C. Bonanno, FGA, MGA, PG, I would like to say a very special thank you.
Thank you for providing a model of honesty and integrity, for caring so much, and
doing so much, to enlighten those who share your passion about gems. And
thank you for the hours we spent together when I was a child, with George
Frederick Kunz's ...

The Journal Of Gemmology

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MATLINS, A.L., The pearl book: the definitive buying guide. 371 — , BONANNO,
AC, Jewelry and gems: the buying guide, 372 MATTEY. D. (see Jacob, D.ef flf.)
MATTHEW, C, The Amber Room (a novel), 242 Matza, Mrs Eynat, gift to GAGTL,
161 Maurer, R.J., photographic competition prizewinner, 246. 504 MAVEDA. T.K.
(see Snyder, G.A., ef al.) MEDENBACH, O. (see also Schmetzer, K„ ef flf.) — ,
MIRWALD, P.W., KUBATH, P., Rho und Phi, Omega und Delta: die
VVinkelmessung in ...

Library Journal

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rly Idea Group Inc Outstanding Titles in Information Science and. A pictorial
delight of plumage, gems from the Library of Congress, and real "rock" star
biology Democratic art in photos on the web and design for ... It is accurately
billed as the "definitive visual guide," perhaps an oblique nod to its closest
competitor, the Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds (2003), which has been called "the
ultimate bird reference." Burnie (Animal) has divided the book into three chapters:
the first gives an ...

Engagement Wedding Rings

Author: Antoinette Leonard Matlins
Publisher: Gemstone Press
ISBN: 9780943763200
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The Definitive Buying Guide for People in Love Antoinette Leonard Matlins,
Antonio C. Bonanno. beauty to the fullest, ... When considering the purchase of a
colored gemstone, it is even more important to shop around to develop an eye for
all the variables of color — hue, intensity, tone, and distribution. Some stones
simply exhibit a more intense, vivid color than other stones (all else being equal),
but only by extensive visual comparison can you develop your own eye. Let's
discuss the ...

Rocks Fossils

Author: Robert Raymond Coenraads
Publisher: Buffalo, N.Y, ; Richmond Hill, Ont. : Firefly Books
Size: 48.28 MB
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