Diana Closely Guarded Secret New And Updated Edition

Author: Ken Wharfe
Publisher: John Blake Publishing Ltd
ISBN: 1786063069
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Now revised and updated to include Ken Wharfe's insider's view of the vast mass of material that has been published about the late Princess since this book first appeared, his account presents the most intimate portrait of Diana to date, as ...


Author: Sarah Bradford
Publisher: Penguin UK
ISBN: 0141906731
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Chapter 14. The First Step Towards the Abyss 1 Patrick Jephson, Shadows of a
Princess, p. 278. Ken Wharfe, with Robert Jobson, Closely Guarded Secret, p.
265. 3 Interview with the author 5/5/04. 4 Interview with the author 16/11/05. 5
Interview with the author 5/5/04. 6 Interview with the author 16/11/05. 7 Interview
with the author March 2005. 8 Interview with the author 30/10/04. 9 Interview with
the author 30/10/04. 10 Sally Bedell Smith, Diana: The Life of a Troubled
Princess, p.

Diana Ross

Author: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 0330470140
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... had kept it such a closely guarded secret. I attempted with those two books -
and especially with Call Her Miss Ross - to present a fair portrait of who this
woman was and how she came to be the superstar we know her to be, today. As
the foundation of my research, I conducted hundreds of personal interviews over
the course of many years. I also drew from my own interviews with Diana, her
parents, some of her siblings and other family members, all of the Supremes,
Motown artists, ...

Charles The Heart Of A King

Author: Catherine Mayer
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 0753550806
Size: 28.75 MB
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John, Childhood at court 1819–1914 (The History Press, stroud, 2008) Voltaire,
Candide (Boni & Liveright, New York, 1918) Watson, Tom, and Hickman, Martin,
Dial M for Murdoch (Penguin Books, London, 2012) Wharf, Ken and Jobson,
Robert (eds), Diana. Closely guarded secret (Michael O'Mara Books Ltd, 2003)
whittle, Peter, Monarchy Matters (The social Affairs Unit, London, 2011) Wilson,
Christopher, 4 Greater Love: Prince Charles's twenty-yearaffirwith Camilia Parker
Bowles ...

Reclaim The Power Of The Witch

Author: Monte Plaisance
Publisher: Weiser Books
ISBN: 1609252845
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In fact, the modern witchcraft practice of Drawing Down the Moon is said to have
originated with the Greek witches of Thessaly. However, the modern version of
this practice is to call the goddess of the Moon down into the priestess of the
coven. In ancient times, Drawing Down the Moon was a ritual designed to secure
the love of another. It entailed a rather long and drawn out ritual that is still known
to the witches of Thessaly today and is a closely guarded secret. One of the
greatest ...


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Last summer, just in time for the fifth anniversary of Diana's 1997 death, came
Wharfe's Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, followed by the October trial of Burrell,
44, who sold his story to the Daily Mirror newspaper for $468,000. Burrell was
cleared of charges that he stole items from Diana's home after the Queen
suddenly recalled he had told her he had taken some for safekeeping. But
Burrell's statements to his lawyers were leaked to the press, serving up dozens of
secret details.


Publisher: Ami Books Incorporated
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Sometimes it felt to Diana that some members of the royal family wanted her
dead while, at other times, they just wanted her "to go away, get married to
someone, anyone, and disappear from the royal scene." In his biography of the
princess, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret, Police Inspector Ken Wharfe, who was
her personal police bodyguard for six years, told of another occasion in May
1992 when Diana was visiting Egypt. She had taken a swim in the British
Ambassador's private ...


Author: Diana Palmer
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 1459208811
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Diana Palmer. jacket, she thought miserably. His dark, wavy hair was faintly
damp, as if the threatening clouds had let some rain fall. His pale gray eyes were
watchful, disturbing. He'd never looked at her this way before, like a predator with
its prey. It made her nervous. “Do you want some ... It wouldn't have been if he
knew how totally innocent she still was at her advanced age, but she wasn't
sharing her most closely guarded secret with the enemy. He thought she and
Charles were ...


Author: Andrew Morton
Size: 70.68 MB
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... 2002 Simmons, Simone, Diana: The Secret Years (Michael O'Mara: London)
1998 Snell, Kate, Diana: Her Last Love (Granada: London) 2000 Thornton,
Penny, With Love From Diana (Pocket: New York) i995 Wharfe, Ken, Diana:
Closely Guarded Secret (Michael O'Mara: London) 2002 Wilson, Christopher,
The Windsor Knot (Pinnacle: New York) 2002 Index [308] Diana: In Pursuit of

After Diana

Author: Christopher Andersen
Publisher: Hyperion
ISBN: 9780786891245
Size: 22.90 MB
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In September 2002, Diana's longtime personal bodyguard dealt the Princess's
image another blow with the publication of Diana: Closely Guarded Secret.
Among other things, Ken Wharfe alleged that the Princess apparently had no
compunction about parading around in front of him in the nude, that she once
withdrew $30,000 from the bank to buy her lover James Hewitt a sports car (
Wharfe delivered the cash to Hewitt in a briefcase), and that she kept a vibrator in
her handbag.