Biotechnology Entrepreneurship

Author: Craig Shimasaki
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0124047475
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Informal human networks can help you build the business in early stages, and
you don't have to give up equity. At the proof-of-concept and seed stages, as the
company progresses along the entrepreneurial path and you become engaged
in the ... The entrepreneur's goal: close and trusted working relationships that
help the company achieve the milestones of the entrepreneur's path. ... They are
there to provide insight, to offer suggestions, and to serve as a sounding board
when you ...

Digital Media Youth And Credibility

Author: Miriam J. Metzger
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262562324
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prove complicated, self-reports can reliably ascertain the conscious rules of
thumb that form the basis of many day-to-day ... and future, hypothetical as well
as real) can be used to build effective learning systems in the digital media
universe. ... conflicting findings in the literature about the psychological effects of
various affordances, but also gain some insights for ... The Rise of the Instant-
Message Generation and the Internet's Impact on Friendships and Family
Relationships (Pew ...

Musical Denmark

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by Flemming Skude Many fine words have been spoken on the relationship
between music and architecture. ... in by the poetic quality of such imagery: the
distance between architecture and music, as art forms, can prove almost
frightening when ... Music is ethereal and, when performed, lives and dies in the
instant whereas thousands of years may pass before the ... And when architects
set out to shape buildings for the performance of music, a sea of conflicts and
troubles lies ahead.

The Chinese Times

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A concentration of the mind on the subject, a fixed dwelling upon it in meditation
until its character and relationships were ... will in fact build together a system
consistent, proportionate, the parts fitting so exactly as you see, a sort of model of
nature and not a ... Your system is, as you say, "refutation proof," but affords no
dwelling place for the soul of man. ... that the man of Logic and the man of insight,
the Reasoner and the Discoverer or even Knower, are quite separable — indeed
for ...

Encyclopedia Of World Problems And Human Potential

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53-57), to achieve powerful insights has its parallel in astronomy which is much
concerned with achieving a "long ... description of a poetic image as: "that which
presents an intellectual and emotional complex in an instant of time. ... In a sense
it is a kind of conceptual martial art in which the poet "tricks" the reader into using
his or her own resources in building its full ... the average man to recognize that
conflicting or 'contradictory' feelings can be simultaneously entertained; one does

New York Magazine

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For Mad Dog Beck, making millions of dollars a year doing billions of dollars of
deals was not the yuppie dream ... ECK'S RELATIONSHIP with his mother
reached the flash point when he was sixteen. ... As proof, she offered some
heartfelt letters Lou had written her. ... Their conflict took a perilous turn one
Saturday while Ida was out shopping: Singer locked Jeff out on one of the many
terraces that ringed the Singers' twenty-fourth-floor penthouse. ... This was not an
obvious insight.

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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True, he had yet to prove his theory that because of the spheric shape of the
Earth a ship sailing west from Europe into ... profoundly change virtually all
existing relationships in Europe — that virtually nothing would ever again be the
same, not .... But in the instant case, if the economics of the matter are favorable,
then the political consequences can be very great indeed. ... Its avowed object is
to reduce the danger of a conflict among nations in space, and also to reduce the
danger that ...

International Transnational Associations

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The need is for a new balance between imposed structure and spontaneous
interventions through which new insights ... a mistake to assume that building this
level of consensus can be done by relying on the kinds of processes common to
... Switching to discussion of the merits and complementarity of visual images, as
an exercise in "indirection", could prove more ... Presumably one factor opposing
such meditation is the potential conflict between different groups anxious to "offer
" or ...

Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists

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They believed that Hitler and his tag-along, Mussolini, intended to build a new
order on a foundation of bones and blood. German ... But German science could
prove even more decisive. It might .... Upwards of 100,000 men, women and
children died, some instantly, others in the minutes and hours and weeks and
years that followed. ... But the ability to see both the mechanism and its fateful
implications was Szilard's special insight. ...... Van hoped the academy would
settle the dispute.