Brewing Porters And Stouts

Author: Terry Foster
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 1629148849
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The book opens with the history of the styles, including the invention of porter in eighteenth-century England, how stouts were born from porters (stouts were originally bolder and stronger or stout porters), the development in the United ...

How To Brew

Author: John J. Palmer
ISBN: 9780971057906
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A porter differs from a brown ale by being darker, stronger, more full bodied, and
having a roastier malt finish than a brown, but less so than a stout. Porters should
be fairly well attenuated (dry), though sweet porters are not uncommon.
Compared to stout, a porter should be lighter in both body and color. When held
up to the light, a porter should have a deep ruby red glow. Historically, porters
preceded stouts and had a much different character than today. This difference
can be ...

Brewing Britain

Author: Andy Hamilton
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1448154391
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However, writing in 1889, John Bickerdyke in his book Curiosities of Ale and
Beer suggests, The name Stout was used originally to signify strong or Stout beer
. This excellent brown beer only differs from Porter in being brewed of greater
strength and with a greater proportion of hops. Indeed there is evidence of these
Brown Stouts made by various brewers, including Whitbread, and with 50%
brown malts and 50% pale, and generally brewed to a third stronger than Porters.
Before ...

Extreme Brewing A Deluxe Edition With 14 New Homebrew Recipes

Author: Sam Calagione
Publisher: Quarry Books
ISBN: 1610599489
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Brown ales usually have more subtle carbon— ation than their pale counterparts
and modern versions are typically brewed with some proportion of darker crystal
or chocolate malted barley for color and body. Serve at 55°F (13°C) from a beer
mug or straight—sided pint. Stout and Porter The stout and porter styles are
almost kissing cousins. Brewed since the early 1700s, the porter style is really the
predecessor to stout. Porters are very dark but not quite opaque like a stout. Held
up to ...

Industry And Firm Studies

Author: Victor J. Tremblay
Publisher: M.E. Sharpe
ISBN: 9780765617231
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The final product is then aged, filtered, pasteurized, and packaged into cans,
bottles, or kegs. Beer draws much of its flavor from malt, the most commonly used
grain in the brewing process. Malt is roasted barley that can range from pale in
color when lightly roasted to almost black when roasted at high temperatures.
Beer becomes darker and heartier when brewed with darker malt and with top
fermenting yeast. Top fermented styles of beers include ales, porters, and stouts ...

The Naked Pint

Author: Christina Perozzi
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101149221
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On the flip side, there are those of you who crave a deep dark mass of ale in a
glass. Those who seek it out for the same reasons others avoid it, wanting to look
tough, drinking dark brew as a dare to anyone who may question your edge. But
you don't have to have the need to prove anything to drink dark beer. And though
you have all heard tales of Porters and Stouts consisting of an entire meal of
calories or those with a high alcohol content, know that this is not true of all
Porters and ...

The Handbook Of Porters Stouts

Author: Cider Mill Press
Publisher: Cider Mill Press
ISBN: 9781604334777
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The handbook of stouts and porters is the ultimate, complete, and definitive guide to some of the most complex and original beers available in the market today.

English Mechanics And The World Of Science

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... necessary for a good brewing water ; Continental brewers, and some English
brewers, preferring soft water (and this is very generally the case among persons
who make homebrewed ale), while the great majority of English ale- brewers,
having in mind the hardness of Burton water, prefer hard. Now, I think, we may
considsr it as an established fact that for pale and clean drinking ales of keeping
qualities hard water is absolutely necessary ; whereas, for brewing porters, stouts
, and ...

English Mechanic And World Of Science

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... for brewing porters, stouts, and full-flavoured ales, it is just the reverse —soft
water being preferable for that purpose. It is for this reason that the superiority of
the London porter brewer's productions is so manifest ; London water being very
soft, the salts being chiefly carbonate of calcium, and a small amount of
carbonate of sodium, dissolving more of the nlbuminoids in the melt, which give a
roundness or fulness on the palate, although militating against long keeping; but,
then, ...

Drinkology Beer

Author: James Waller
Publisher: Abrams
ISBN: 161312189X
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The stoutest porters of all, imperial stouts, originating in the middle to late 1700s,
were developed by British beer companies to satisfy their aristocratic customers
in czarist Russia (hence the adjective “imperial”). It wasn't just that Russians liked
these stronger-than-ordinary beers (although they did—the famous horsewoman
Catherine the Great being a particularly passionate admirer), but the beers' high
ABV, because of alcohol's preservative nature, helped the brew survive the ...