Breeding Humans

Author: Harold King
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When the Hekirs discover humans on their planet, they immediately seek to exploit them.

Human Breeding The Elephant In The Room

Author: Lyn Victor Williams
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So it's logicalto assume thatdifferent percentages areat playat different timesor
that the joining oftheegg andsperm is so complicated that it is inevitable that
siblings will be different. Another reason would be that hereditary strengths and
weaknesses mayjump a generation (or two?) –more foodfor thought andstudy,
but we cannotget away from the fact that they are hereditary. Breeding, in regard
to humans, is not a word we hear very often these days except perhaps in old
British Empire ...

Cooperation In Primates And Humans

Author: Peter M Kappeler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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First, in cooperatively breeding vertebrates, behavior that has been commonly
attributed to kin selection may actually enhance individual fitness directly (Clutton
-Brock 2002). In a broad range of species, some types of behavior that have been
categorized as altruistic may actually benefit the actor (Chapais 2001, Chapais &
Bélisle 2004, Chapais, this volume). In these cases, mutualism or simple self-
interest may operate, not kin selection. Second, competition between relatives
may ...

The Ekistics Of Animal And Human Conflict

Author: Rishi Dev
Publisher: Copal Publishing Group
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Now the dog has become an integral and important part of the ecosystem, and
with disappearing wolves the earlier ecosystems have transformed accordingly to
accommodate the dogs. The complex food web that the dog forms and controls is
much dependent on this freeranging animal. So, humans have played the most
important role in the evolution of dog up till now. But beyond this point this
breeding and consumption habit is causing severe damages. The artificial
breeding is ...

Animal Breeding Welfare And Society

Author: Jacky Turner
Publisher: Earthscan
ISBN: 1849775036
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traits such as coat colour or disease in experiments in animal breeding. Some
believed that traits in humans such as 'feeble-mindedness', drunkenness, '
fecklessness' and criminality were inherited in the same way as coat colour might
be inherited by guinea pigs.2 What was required, they believed, was control over
human breeding in the same way as the stock breeder controls his animals.
Francis Galton, an originator of the scientific study of human heredity and the
originator of the ...

Principles Of Plant Genetics And Breeding

Author: George Acquaah
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Purpose and Expected Outcomes Agriculture is a human invention that continues
to impact society and the environment. The players on this stage advanced the
industry with innovation, technology, and knowledge available to them during
their era. The tools and methods used by plant breeders have been developed
and advanced through the years. There are milestones in plant breeding
technology as well as accomplishments by plant breeders over the years. In this
chapter ...

Vector Borne Disease Control In Humans Through Rice Agroecosystem Management

Author: W. H. Smith
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
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K. G. A.GOONASEKERE AND F. P. AMERASINGHE Irrigation schemes in
general provide conditions leading to increased mosquito breeding. Rice
irrigation schemes in particular are associated with high incidence of human
malaria and arboviral diseases. The planning, design, and operational phases of
these systems, with particular reference to the ricefield, are reviewed and the
ways in which they contribute to mosquito-borne disease problems are
considered. Environmental ...

Urban Ecology

Author: John Marzluff
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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Stephan J. Schoech and Reed Bowman Abstract —Timing of breeding in Florida
Scrub-Jays (Aphelocoma coerulescens) varies both within and between years.
Social status and breeding experience may explain much of the withinyear
variation, but the availability of certain foods may partially explain between-year
patterns. Scrub-jays in suburban habitats with access to unlimited human-
provided foods breed earlier and with less between-year variation in timing of
breeding than jays ...

Principles Of Plant Breeding

Author: Robert Wayne Allard
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Nearly all specialists on human origins agree that anatomically modern humans (
genus Homo) originated relatively recently, perhaps no earlier than about
200,000 B.P. However, there is disagreement as to whether these anatomically
modern humans evolved independently and more or less simultaneously in
Africa, Asia, and Europe or originated in a relatively restricted area in Africa and
spread from there to replace archaic populations elsewhere throughout the world
. Those who ...

Shorebird Ecology Conservation And Management

Author: Dr. Mark A. Colwell
Publisher: Univ of California Press
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Restricting human activity near shorebirds. In coastal areas where human
recreational use of beaches occurs in close proximity to breeding shorebirds,
roped fencing and signs are used to educate the public and reduce disturbance
to breeding shorebirds. In this image, a Snowy Plover nest in the background has
been protected by a caged predator exclosure, and fencing limits the approach of
humans. Photo credit: Sean McAllister. Education and Outreach TABLE 14.1
Summary of ...