Breeding Humans

Author: Harold King
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When the Hekirs discover humans on their planet, they immediately seek to exploit them.

Cooperation In Primates And Humans

Author: Peter M Kappeler
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10.1 Introduction Cooperative behavior between group members is common
among mammals living in stable social groups (Dugatkin 1997) but cooperative
care ofyoung is less common and varies widely in development between species
(Russell 2004). It is useful to distinguish four different types of cooperative
breeding. In group breeders, multiple breeding females live and breed in the
same social group. Group members may cooperate to defend resources against
neighboring ...

The Science Of Human Perfection

Author: Nathaniel Comfort
Publisher: Yale University Press
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This agricultural metaphor added potency to old language about the human
stock.” Such objectification of humans is deeply offensive to our ears today. Yet
the offense can be overstated. The historian Martin Pernick has pointed out that
in reference to humans, breeding has traditionally meant both heredity and
upbringing—someone who is “well-bred” was not only born well but reared well.
Thus when Charles Davenport wrote in 1915 that eugenics was the “science of
improving ...

The Ekistics Of Animal And Human Conflict

Author: Rishi Dev
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Now the dog has become an integral and important part of the ecosystem, and
with disappearing wolves the earlier ecosystems have transformed accordingly to
accommodate the dogs. The complex food web that the dog forms and controls is
much dependent on this freeranging animal. So, humans have played the most
important role in the evolution of dog up till now. But beyond this point this
breeding and consumption habit is causing severe damages. The artificial
breeding is ...

Engineering The Human

Author: Bert Jaap Koops
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Farmers have known from time immemorial that they, using techniques such as
grafting (for plants) and breeding (for animals), can improve the quality of new
stock by combining the parents' desired attributes. The same techniques can
obviously be applied to the human species. The most famous proposal to apply
breeding techniques to human beings is found in Plato's Republic, written in the
fourth century BC. Plato suggests that it would be advantageous for a state if the
ruling ...

Exploring Life Science

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Breeding. How. humans. create. plants. and. animals. with. certain. qualities. ^-
Lw^rLK.// Sharks have long been used by humans to supply. Dairy cattle on a
farm in the United States produce much more milk than bison, their wild relatives.
Their abundant milk supply is the result of selective breeding, where cattle that
produce a lot of milk or meat are deliberately mated to produce offspring that can
do the same, and even better. The practice of selective breeding is widely used in

Breeding And Eugenics In The American Literary Imagination

Author: Ewa Barbara Luczak
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Domestic selection it is called.”74 By invoking “domestic selection,” Wace
corroborates the eugenic argument about the applicability of experience drawn
from the breeding of animals to the human world. Such a conceptual shortcut
between the two orders of nature was the foundation of eugenic discourse. When
eugenic ideas were still at the stage of inception, a forum was provided by The
Journal of Heredity, which freely interspersed articles on breeding pigs and cattle
with those on ...

Humans In Nature

Author: Gregory E. Kaebnick
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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Also, breeding involves a different kind of relationship with the organisms one is
modifying. Breeders merely select from genotypes that are already given. The
emergence of a new cultivar (a cultivated variety of a plant) through traditional
breeding can be seen both from the human perspective and from what Pollan
calls a “plant's eye perspective”; humans see breeding as creation of a natural
resource, but the plants can “see” it as the creation of a new ecological niche,
which the ...

Domestic Animals Humans And Leisure

Author: Janette Young
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Canine breed classifications along with the first conformation dog shows of the
modern era have their origins in the mid-to-late nineteenth centuries in England –
the same time that the categories of race, sex and gender are used to classify
human animals (McHugh 2004). With the rise of the conformation dog show, the
focus of breeding was placed on a dog's physical appearance not on her
behaviour or ability to perform certain tasks; that is, breeders began breeding
dogs primarily ...

The Applied Genetics Of Humans Animals Plants And Fungi 2nd Edition

Author: Bernard C Lamb
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
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Estimated Breeding Values (EBV) and Best Linear Unbiased Predictions (BLUP)
In the UK, the Meat and Livestock Commission has a Beefbreeder Service, with a
method called BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) for more accurate
estimates of the genetic merit of pedigree cattle, which allows for comparison
across herds. BLUP can help in selecting a beef bull to breed replacement
heifers with higher maternal performance and higher profitability, possibly worth
several ...