Botanical Line Drawing

ISBN: 9780998558523
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This book walks through drawing very simple doodles, into more elaborate, delicate illustrations, and is easy to follow for all skill levels.

Handlettering Watercolor

Author: Susanne Hiepler
Publisher: TOPP
ISBN: 3735811728
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Wunderschöne Botschaften können aus der Kombination von Handlettering und Watercolor entstehen.

Plant Systematics

Author: Michael G. Simpson
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 0080922082
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Botanical illustration is the preparation and presentation of line drawings or
paintings of plants and plant parts. Although photography is perhaps the primary
medium of image documentation (and should be encouraged in field and
laboratory classes), illustration is an important component of plant systematics
studies and is generally required in publications to document features that are
described. Illustrations are also important didactic tools in that they promote
careful and complete ...

Botanical Companions

Author: Frieda Knobloch
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1587295172
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And, as a glance at a modern botanical line drawing of a plant shows, ours is not
an era of complex illustration technique, scientifically. What was the purpose of
early illustration? In what way may that have survived into the present through the
“herbarium”? Manuscript illustrations were, historically, both decorative and
emblematic.15 Their use as emblems opens another interpretive avenue in the
vicinity of our specimens. Manuscript illustrators relied on emblem books and
other ...

Hand Lettering In The Whimsical Woodlands

Author: Peggy Dean
Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.
ISBN: 0757320031
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Peggy Dean is native to the Pacific Northwest and is a freelance artist with
worldwide publications as a platform artist. Her lettering and illustrative designs
have been globally recognized, with a focus on modern calligraphy and line
drawing, though her skills range vastly in the world of creativity. She is the self-
published author of two bestselling how-to books: The Ultimate Brush Lettering
Guide and Botanical Line Drawing. Peggy is an award-winning online instructor
with a range of ...

Tangle Inspired Botanicals

Author: Sharla R. Hicks
Publisher: Quarry Books
ISBN: 1631594265
Size: 42.26 MB
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Contents Introduction 8 Set the Stage: Ergonomics of Drawing 10 Helpful
Vocabulary 12 Pens and Paper 14 Lesson 3 The Line Dance: Bow to Intuition 24
Lesson 4 The Shape Dance: Bow to Logic 26 Lesson 5 The Team Dance: Define
and Refine 28 Lesson 6 Invite Curves to the Line Dance 30 CHAPTER 1 Lesson
7 Is the Dance Over? Time to Stop? 32 Find Your Rhythm with the Dancing Duo:
Logic Lesson 8 The Tripoli Dance 34 and Intuition Explore Botanical Lines,
Strokes, and ...