Ballou S Pictorial Drawing Room Companion Vol 7

Author: Maturin Murray Ballou
Publisher: Forgotten Books
ISBN: 9781334899645
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Excerpt from Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, Vol. 7: July 8, 1854 I know the proverb; but each case is a peculiar one, and this - is not this more so than any other 1.

Accomplished In All Departments Of Art Hammatt Billings Of Boston 1818 1874

Author: James F. O'Gorman
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
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Cleason's (later Ballou 's) Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, published in
Boston from May 1851 until December 1859, became the first important lavishly
illustrated newspaper in the United States.' Although it dominated the 1850s,
Cleason's/Ballou's did not survive long after the appearance in New York of the
more widely distributed Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper in 1855 or, in 1857,
of Harper's Weekly, the best-known of these periodicals, which lasted well into
the twentieth ...

Schooling Readers

Author: Allison Speicher
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
ISBN: 0817319166
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Mrs. M. E. Robinson 25 Feb 1854 Flag of Our Union “Barring Out” 1 Apr 1854
Forresters Boys' and Girls' Magazine, and Fireside Companion The English
Orphans Mary Jane Holmes 1855 “An Incident in School Life” Uncle Joseph 6
Sep 1855 New York Observer and Chronicle “Teacher and His Pupil” Horatio
Folger Dec 1855 Ballous Dollar Monthly Magazine “The Wisconsin Schoolmaam”
William Peter Strickland 1856 The Pioneers of the West: Or, Life in the Woods “
The Village ...

Historical New Hampshire

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8. "New Hampshire," Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion 8 (June 2,
1855): 337. 9. "Connecticut," Ballous Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion 8 (
August 25, 1855): 113; "The State of Maine," Ballous Pictorial Drawing-Room
Companion 8 (January 13, 1855): 17; "North Carolina," Ballous Pictorial Drawing
-Room Companion^ (May 12, 1855): 289; "Florida," Ballous Pictorial Drawing-
Room Companion 8 (February 17, 1855): 97. 10. Drake, Heart of the White
Mountains, 229. 11.

Kentucky Illustrated

Author: Martin F. Schmidt
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813165210
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The barracks became a Union recruiting depot during the Civil War and
temporary quarters for holding "secessionist” citizens. The post was turned over
to the city in 1895 to be made into a park. Most of the buildings at the site were
sold for relocation or demolition. Wood engraving from Ballou's Pictorial Drawing-
Room Companion, December 1856, from a drawing by Samuel S. Kilburn,
Boston. The city hall and courthouse in Covington (right) was built in 1843 on
Greenup Street at ...

Building Victorian Boston

Author: Roger G. Reed
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781558495555
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Knowing, however, that it was the public, not other architects, he had to impress,
Bryant also made heavy use of popular journals, such as Ballou 's Pictorial
Drawing Room Companion, which frequently featured illustrations of his projects
during the 1850s. Many of Bryant's largest commissions were either for public
buildings or for commercial blocks involving building committees or multiple
clients. This was not like designing a house, where the architect could establish a
relationship ...

Before Sherlock Holmes

Author: LeRoy Lad Panek
Publisher: McFarland
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It is the LARGEST and CHEAPEST Journal in the World! [cited in Villains Galore].
In the February 1856 issue of The Ladies Repository, the editors singled out
Maturin M. Ballou for the popularity the cheapness of his publications: “Ballou's
Pictorial Drawing Room Companion,” “The Flag of our Union,” and “Ballou's
Dollar Monthly Magazine.” The aggregate number of these magazines is over
two hundred thousand copies per week. These are truly papers for the people.
They are the ...

Hawthorne Sculpture And The Question Of American Art

Author: Deanna Fernie
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 9780754654797
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1 Statuary Room of the Athenaeum, Boston, Henry Bricher after Asa Coolidge
Warren. Engraving from Ballou s Pictorial Drawing-Room Companion, 1855.
Boston Athenaeum. 21 1 .2 Laocoon, showing outthrust arm (c. AD 50). Marble
copy of bronze original, Vatican Museum, Rome. ALINARI Archives, Florence. 24
1 .3 The Rescue, Horatio Greenough, 1850. Marble, originally installed in 1 852
on the cheek block of the east central front steps of the United States Capitol.
Courtesy of ...

Woodleaf Legacy

Author: Rosemarie Mossinger
Publisher: Carl Mautz Publishing
ISBN: 9780962194047
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... Opposite 1 — Smithsonian Institution; 2 — left: Author's illustration after Dixon;
center: Hutchings' California Magazine, 1860; right: Author's illustration after
Dixon; 3 — left: Hutchings' California Magazine, 1859; right: Riverside Municipal
Museum; 4 — Author's illustrations; 5 — top: Author's illustration after Dixon;
bottom: Riverside Municipal Museum; 6 — Carl Mautz; 7 — Author's illustrations
after Dixon; 8 — top: Ballou 's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, 1857; bottom:
Author's ...