At The Hive Entrance

Author: H. Storch
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At the Hive Entrance by H. STORCH. OBSERVATION HANDBOOK. "How to know what happens inside the hive by observation on the outside" English Version. You may want to also consider the book called "Nine Lectures on Bees" by Rudolf Steiner.

Beekeeping For Dummies

Author: David Wiscombe
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To bee or not to bee – discover the many benefits of beekeeping, while learning about bee anatomy, language, habits, complex social organisation, and a typical day in the life of a bee The adventure begins – everything you need to know ...

The Beekeeper S Handbook

Author: Diana Sammataro
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801485037
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An additional function of food transmission is the spread of the hive's odor. Each
colony has its own characteristic odor, which may aid the bees of one hive in
distinguishing bees from other hives (such as robbers) and foreign queens (see "
Queen Introduction" in Chapter 10). To keep foreign bees out, guard bees patrol
the colony entrance and challenge any incoming bees that may be intruders.
Guard bees are workers that have very high concentrations of the alarm

The Wisdom Of The Hive

Author: Thomas D Seeley
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674043405
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To analyze the honey stomach contents of the colony's members, he sampled 10
–15 bees daily around 9:00 in the morning from both the broodnest (nurse bees)
and the hive entrance (mostly unemployed foragers). To assay the foragers'
motivation for water collection, he placed a small, water- soaked cloth at the hive
entrance and recorded what fraction of the bees encountering this water source
also drank from it for at least 10 sec. As is shown in Figure 9.6, he found that
during ...

American Bee Journal

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One-half inch wide and the whole width of the front of the hive ; contractions to be
made with the Langstroth entrance-blocks. Such an entrance furnishes as much
ventilation as is needed, so far as I know.—W. Z. HUTCHINSON. Ten inches wide
and 5-16 of an inch deep. Besides in the summer we raise the hive from the
bottom and give as much as 2 inches room in depth, in front. We leave the back
closed.— DADANT & SoN. 1. I prefer the entrance 10 or 12 inches long, 3-inch
wide, ...

The Spirit Of The Hive

Author: Robert E. Page Jr.
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674075560
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We placed dead workers in the hive, waited for undertaker bees to pull them out
of the hive entrance, and collected the undertakers. Scouts on swarms were
collected by turning the test colonies into artificial swarms using a technique I
learned from Norman Gary. All the bees were shaken from the hive into a box,
and the queen was caged. The bees and the queen were placed in a cool, dark
place overnight and fed sucrose solution. The next day, the queen was
suspended in her ...

The Bee Keepers Review

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The continuous passageways, e and e\ on the under side of the device,
correspond to the entrances of the hives A and B, respectively. The bees will then
pass, quite undisturbed, out of and into their respective hives through these
passageways. By inserting the slide, si, in the end of the non-swarmer until it
occupies the position indicated by the dotted horizontal lines the passageway
leading to hive A will be closed at its juncture with the hive- entrance, preventing
any bees from ...

Pollination Of Cultivated Plants In The Tropics

Author: David Ward Roubik
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
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By thai measure, adoption and modification of the A mellifera hive design for A
cerana must of course consider the smaller bee and colony size of A cerana. In
addition, the takeoff and landing behaviour of A cerana at the hive, humid
weather conditions or heavy rains, and protection horn predators at the hive
entrance all must be considered. Many of the successful traditional southeast
Asian hives "gelodogs" from hollow tree trunks, and the modified Langstroth hive
design (see ...

The Hive And The Honey Bee

Author: H D. Richardson
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bees are first introduced, the false bottom is screwed up to the top entrance hole,
leaving about six inches vacant space between the false and true bottoms ; but
when the hive becomes filled with comb, the false bottom is screwed down about
three inches to the middle entrance, and again three inches more to the lower
entrance at the bottom of the hive, each of the three entrances being furnished
with a small plug to close it at will. There is, of course, no means of detaching this