Analyzing Risk Through Probabilistic Modeling In Operations Research

Author: Jakóbczak, Dariusz Jacek
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Dr. Balakrishna obtained her doctorate at George Mason University (GMU), USA,
focusing on the scalability of approximate dynamic programming algorithms with
applications in air transportation. She has been affiliated with the Center for Air
Transportation Systems Research at GMU, and worked on developing a
reinforcement learning based algorithm for the prediction of airport taxi-out times
in the presence of uncertainty. Her doctoral research was awarded the
Dissertation Prize ...

Informs Conference Program

Author: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. National Meeting
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2) Theory & Application of Genetic Algorithms, Siddhartha Bhattacharyya. ...
MA28 TUTORIAL: Large-Scale Problem Reformulation Cluster: Integer
Programming Tutorials Invited Session Chair: Hanif Sherali, VA Polytech. ... A
dynamic programming approximation is proposed. Small problems can be solved
optimally for comparison and the technique is scalable to large-scale networks. 2
) Network Design for Express Shipment Delivery, Cynthia Barnhart. MIT, Ctr. for
Transport. Studies ...

The 20th Ieee Real Time Systems Symposium

ISBN: 9780769504759
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Distributed applications such as videoconferencing, Internet telephony and air
traffic control also require the use of multiple resources at end-hosts and on
intermediate network links. In this paper, we have studied the general problem ...
Two traditional approaches, dynamic programming and mixed integer
programming, are used to compute optimal solutions to this problem but we show
that their running times are rather high (as might be expected). An adaptation of
the mixed integer ...

Dissertation Abstracts International

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l052B Dynamic stochastic optimization models for air traffic flow management.
Mukherjee, Avijit, p.l053B Efficient data inventory management. Papadimitriou,
Athanassios, p.H51B Stochastic programming Optimization of wastewater
treatment design under uncertainty and variability. Doby, Troy Alvin, Jr., p,1049B
Stochastic programming approaches for the optimal development of gas fields
under uncertainty. Goel, Vikas, p.l027B Stochastic scheduling Approximation
algorithms for ...

Scientific And Technical Aerospace Reports

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Two-dimensional signal processing, optical information storage and processing,
and electromagnetic |AD-A281937| 03 p0460 N95- 13657 Efficient bulk-loading
of gridfiles |NASA-CR-194974 | 03 p0568 N95- 13889 A multi-level object store
and its application to HEP data analysis |DE94-014010 | 03 p0568 N95-14010
Knowledge quality functions for rule discovery IAD-A285513) 04 p0910 N95-
16971 Data rearrangement and real-time computation IAD-A282349) 04 p0910 ...

International Aerospace Abstracts

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The Space Vehicles Directorate is developing space modeling, simulation, and
analysis tools to support the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). Current
requirements are to address ... Its end state will consist of a framework, an
Application Programming Interface, and core functions of data management, data
transport, and scheduling. (Author) A99-41252 The ... A new approach for
simulating very-large-scale network centric architectures is presented. Three
enabling technologies ...

Scientific And Technical Aerospace Reports

Author: United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Branch
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... an interface to a programming system and MENUNIX; A menu based interface
to UNIX (user manual) [AD-A108929] 09 p1277 N82-18690 PERLMl/TTER, A. L.
Dynamic measurement of human vertical fusional response 04 p0520 N82-
13660 ... P. The storage of hydrogen in the form of metal hydrides: An application
to thermal engines [NASA-TM-76609] 02 p0173 N82-11225 PERRY, A. J. Gunfire
blast pressure predictions 13 p1747 N82-22170 PERRY, B. Marine Air Traffic
Control ...

Proceedings Of The International Conference On Embedded Networked Sensor Systems

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Monitoring Streams—A New Class of Data Management Applications. In VLDB,
2002. V. Cerf, S. ... Prediction, expectation, and surprise: Methods, designs, and
study of a deployed traffic forecasting service. In Twenty-First Conference on
Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence, July 2005. Inrix home page. http://www.inrix.
com/. C. Intanagonwiwat, R. Govindan, and D. Estrin. Directed Diffusion: A
Scalable and Robust Communication Paradigm for Sensor Networks. In
MOBICOM, 2000.