Anthropology For Dummies

Author: Cameron M. Smith
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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How many human languages exist? The answers are found in anthropology - and this friendly guide explains its concepts in clear detail.

The Anthropology Of Anthropomorphic Dummies

Author: Hans Theodore Edward Hertzberg
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The paper describes anthropological aspects of a cooperative program to create a 'family' of anthropomorphic dummies representative of the American population.

Forensics For Dummies

Author: Douglas P. Lyle
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119181682
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Crime shows are entertaining, but the reality is that most forensics cases aren't wrapped up in an hour. This book shows you how it's really done, and the amazing technology and brilliant people that do it every day.

Proceedings Of The Stapp Car Crash Conference

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690805 The Anthropology of Anthropomorphic Dummies H. T. E. Hertzberg
6570th Aerospace Medical Research Lab., U.S. Air Force Systems Command
Abstract A program has been developed under the National Highway Safety
Bureau, Department of Transportation, to create a set of standard body- forms for
anthropomorphic dummies representative of the American public. Planned sizes
include "adult" to "infant" for both sexes. Committee members from both
government and ...

Soviet Anthropology And Archeology

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121 et passim), these clearly reflect an ancient ritual mode of treatment of the
bodies of criminals, recalling either forms of belated burial of the dead who had
been denied proper funerals up to that point,"98 or the well-known festival
manipulations of dummies of Kostroma, Kostruba, etc., which V. Ia. Propp
interprets as survivals of agricultural productive magic99 and N. N. Veletskaia
sees as a modification of an ancient Slavic ritual of putting-to-death of the aged.
100 It is not out of ...

The Uses Of Anthropology

Author: Walter Goldschmidt
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Shortly thereafter Sierra Engineering Co. began to manufacture dummies also.
Thus the Air Force specifications, which were adopted in toto by both companies,
became the foundation for the commercial dummy development in this country,
and with some modification by more modern data, are still so used (Hertzberg
1969: 205). Both Sierra Engineering Co. and Alderson Research Laboratories
still manufacture dummies in a wide variety of forms, some of which are used in
virtually ...

American Journal Of Physical Anthropology

Author: Aleš Hrdlička
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smallest and type III the largest of every other measurement occurring in faces of
this average length (123, 124, and 125 mm.). The practical orientation of AAF
anthropology is well illustrated by the foregoing paragraph. Military requirements
dictated the ... Within the limitations imposed by their being based primarily on
stature, they are applicable to many problems besides cockpit design involving
body size. One use has been as dummies in firing tests of armor protection in

Art For Dummies

Author: Thomas Hoving
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The Museo de Antropología y Arquelogía (Museum and of Anthropology and
Archaeology) and the Museo de la Nación (National Museum) in Lima can not be
missed. They both have breathtaking collections of masterpieces from all periods
of PreColumbian Peruvian art. Lima also abounds in many small museums of
PreColumbian art where one can see extraordinary private collections.

Mat For Dummies

Author: Vince Kotchian
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Alology: Algae Anthropology: Humans Archaeology: Past human activity Axiology
: Values Bacteriology: Bacteria Biology: Life Cardiology: Heart Cosmology: Origin
and laws of the universe Cryptology: Codes Cytology: Cells Deontology: Ethics
Enology: Wine Entomology: Insects Epidemiology: Disease Epistemology:
Knowledge Eschatology: End of time Ethology: Animal behavior Etiology:
Causation and origination Geology: Earth Gerontology: Aging Hagiology: Saints
Herpetology: ...

Banjo For Dummies

Author: Bill Evans
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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He earned his bachelor's degree in anthropology with a specialization in folklore
from the University of Virginia as a DuPont Scholar and a master's degree in
music with a specialization in ethnomusicology from the University of California,
Berkeley. After completing coursework for the PhD at Berkeley with a
specialization in American music and the music of Japan, Bill taught courses in
ethnomusicology and American music history at San Francisco State University,
Duke University, ...